UK Linkbaiters Poker Tournament

I’m putting together an online poker night for linkbaiters, seo’s and other reprobates. I’m planning it for next tuesday evening, 20th May, not set on a time yet as I will welcome feedback, but I’m thinking around 8pm.

Going to hold it at as they have a java client allowing all those “funny” people who have macs to play. I don’t have an affiliate link, but I have a bonus code good for $250 which is, “top250”. Use as you will.

The game will be Texas holdem and the buy in will be $20 and the prize structure will be set at “normal”, you can read more details at the Private tournamount feature page.

Nothing is set in stone yet, so any suggestions welcome. If you are in either email me or post below, I will email details to everyone before the game giving chance to sign up and placate wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and dogs.

This is mainly for fun, for people in our industry to socialise, and chill. If it goes well, no point we can’t have a regular game. I have a number of big names already in. Entry requirements are; if you read this blog, you must be cool and so are in.

I’m sorry but those in the USA cannot play as your government has deemed it necessary to protect you from such evils.

Look forward to taking your money 🙂

27 thoughts on “UK Linkbaiters Poker Tournament”

  1. FIRST!

    Sounds like it should be a laugh! I was going to suggest setting up a chatroom as well but I’m sure twitter will work just fine for that.

    Also – if we want to get the yanks in on the act there are places where they can play online (fulltilt for example). Though of course then the timezone starts to get in the way…

  2. yeah I think it will be fun to fill our twitter stream with poker chat, but a chat room works too.

    How do full tilt get around the ban?

    I would love our American fellow linkbaiters to play, I know a few of them would ignore the time diff to get in on a game 😉

    but I think it’s nice to have something on UK time for a change, and there isn’t really a place for UK linkbaiters and seo types to hang. If this goes well, it could be a great place to network. To me, poker is a social game.

  3. @rishill, sounds interesting, though not used it before.

    As for this being linkbait, I don’t mind people thinking it is, but I don’t care if I get no links, I just want to get a game on. I think the benefits from the game itself will far outweigh any benefits from linkage.

  4. >How do full tilt get around the ban?

    There is an open letter here from their CEO which explains their position.

    The legislation is targeting the movement of money, which can only be enforced by the banks. AFAIK the banks still haven’t made any statements on this issue (I don’t blame them, why should it be their job to enforce the new law!). Companies like PartyGaming have voluntarily stopped US players from using their software.

    Is the game open to Russian players then? 😉

  5. @Nick, of course, as long as you promise not to nuke us.

    Interesting about Full Tilt, I wonder how many US poker players go for it.

  6. Lyndon count me in…. Tuesday is a bad night for me though especially as the game could rattle on in to the early morning… How about making it a Saturday or Friday night ?

    BTW I may as well just give you my money as I am pants … the more I drink the more I am bound to get me arse kicked !

  7. As Nick said – the legislation only covers the moving of money. The problem is that this means most US players who play online are the ones who can be bothered to transfer money through several sites which kind of narrows it down to those who make money off it! Most of the fish either think it’s illegal or can’t figure out how to get money into the site.

  8. Great idea, Lyndon. Do you use PokerRoom over PartyPoker? I’ve a PP account, but if I’m free next Tuesday (more likely playing football) I’d love to join in.

  9. Hehe… Well up for taking a share of this UK SEO poker tournament’s prize pool… But I think I’ ll just take it all. <–

    I just qualified for a regional final (live poker, not online) but play loads online too. I usually use Full Tilt, but can give this pokerroom a go if it means that I can prove PPC’s are better than SEO’s at Poker!

  10. Damn American Government! To think that I have to sit here in Austin, Texas and miss out on a good hold’em tournament! Great idea. Wish I could join you guys. Any blackhat ways to get by this? 😉

  11. Count me in Lyndon. Kid will be in bed by 8 and have notified the missus that I will be drinking whiskey and playing poker that eve….

  12. Count me in too – I’ve had $50 sitting in my Pokerroom account for 2 years untouched after I moved to FullTilt. Glad to find a use for it!

  13. Hope you guys are all set for tomorrow, I will post more details here about how to get into the tournament.

  14. Hi there,

    Can you just drop me a note at my email if this tournament was already finished?! You said that you are planning it for 20 May, but there was no confirmation after.

    I would love to be there, as I am proffesional player, so I am not sure if you will have chance with me..:-)…haha..Kidding of course…

    But really, if I didn’t miss it, I would be all in! In the case I am too late, just drop me a note about future events.


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