Poker Tournament For Linkbaiters and SEO Now Open

I have now opened tonights poker game for registration. Anytime between now and 8pm UK time, go to find the tournaments, navigate to private, click “lyndoman’s No Limit Texas hold em then register.

Cost you $22, which is only only ten quid, you may pick up some linkbait tips whilst you lose. Once you have registered your place is secured and you simply have to turn up at 8pm.

I havn’t organised a chat room, I think you can chat on but we still have twitter.

Hope to see you there, I hear there are going to be some excellent players take part so should be interesting.

12 thoughts on “Poker Tournament For Linkbaiters and SEO Now Open”

  1. I hope there are some other poker types playing – if I lose to a bunch of SEO geeks who barely know the hand rankings I’ll never live it down!

  2. You wont lose to a bunch of SEO geeks tom, you ll also get properly converted by a PPC crowd too. I m gonna turn on my converison opitmiser on you 😀

  3. I have had a few people telling me they are going to take everyones’ money, I think seo and poker have a lot of crossover.

    But, we shall see.

    If people keep their word should be a full table.

  4. Ha ha! Guessed the registration password at the 3rd attempt. I’m registered, my username is RastaBoyM. See you at 8.

  5. Hmmm, the system crashed for me and wouldn’t let me back in, I think the game is still going on.

  6. Yep, was a good event, password was cryptic but got there eventually.

    Was one place off the money, disappointed to be beaten by someone who was offline 90% of the time 🙂


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