Poker Tournament For Linkbaiters and SEO Now Open

I have now opened tonights poker game for registration. Anytime between now and 8pm UK time, go to find the tournaments, navigate to private, click “lyndoman’s No Limit Texas hold em then register.

Cost you $22, which is only only ten quid, you may pick up some linkbait tips whilst you lose. Once you have registered your place is secured and you simply have to turn up at 8pm.

I havn’t organised a chat room, I think you can chat on but we still have twitter.

Hope to see you there, I hear there are going to be some excellent players take part so should be interesting.

Those Who Never do Anything, Never Make Mistakes

Hands up, I made a mistake in publishing mental linkbait here, I think I got swept away on the success of it. The only way to ever avoid mistakes is to never do anything, balls to that.

Did I make a mistake with writing the original article, abso-friggin-lutely not, I would not have changed one thing, ok maybe one thing, I would have changed the name of the main protagonist to one of my long time mates, lol.

I realise success brings the haters out of the woodwork, most of them don’t seem to do much themselves so I guess they feel they can get a bit of heat from slagging my success. I think Jeremy Shoemaker has a lot of wise word to say about this.
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Dude, Where's the Mental post gone?

After discussing it with a number of trusted colleagues I have taken the step of putting the “Mental Linkbait” behind closed doors. I had thought discussing tactics in an open way was a good thing but it seems I am giving too much away and was attracting a crowd I really don’t have any time for.

I have little interest in discussing the ethics of linkbait, as far as I am concerned if it works and results are achieved then do it.

I am soon to launch a subscription only coaching program for linkbaiters, where tactics will be discussed and consultation given.

Sorry if you missed all the fun, but at the end of the day it did more harm than good discussing publicly such effective tactics.