Success is Sometimes Just about Sticking Around

In December 2005 I wrote a blog post for Darren Rowse on , that’s over two years ago. It’s not a bad little article, although I no longer agree with a couple of things. Keep your posts down to 250 words! No chance, a post should be as long as it needs to be. It’s the information people are interested in not the format. Restricting a post to a short length means you do not have the ability to explore the subject adequately, it places a restriction that is basically meaningless. If people want to know what you have written they will read it, it’s up to you to get people excited about what you write.

I attribute some of my success in this space down to the fact that I have stuck it out and kept with the programme so to speak. If you feel it’s a hard slog climbing that mountain, that’s because it is a hard slog. I feel I am still only in the foothills with quite a lot still to learn. But, reading that post from over two years ago makes me aware that if you just put one foot in front of the other you will eventually travel a long way down the path.

Maybe I will send Darren an updated version.

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  1. Success on the web is sometimes ONLY about sticking around .. if you keep creating content. Had sites in 2000 that I ditched at the same time others were doing something similar, those other sites now get Google traffic in the gazillions from old link authority and tons of content.

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