I Hate the How to Linkbait Ebook

A year ago I thought about writing an ebook about linkbait and social media marketing. It seemed the most effective way to teach what I have learned and to do in a format that is financially rewarding. At the time I had to postpone it as clients got in the way, all wanting me to write kickass linkbait for their website.

After thinking for a long time about the ebook option, I realised it had too many flaws. Here is why I don’t like ebooks:

  • Teaching is one way
  • Inability of reader to ask questions
  • One size fits all
  • Tend not to be rewritten and so go stale
  • Difficult for the writer to offer individuals specific industry
  • Cannot take advantage of breaking opportunities
  • Small amount of people actually read them

On that last point, I don’t know about you but I actually want people to read my stuff rather than taking the money and run. I want people to succeed, I get a real buzz from it. It’s why I love what I do.

So ebooks, unless free and addressing specific issues are out for me.

But, ask yourself, “How can I become a better linkbaiter?” I’m not going to offer an ebook, but I am going to offer an amazing service which will help you create your own killer linkbait as good as the pros.

I am going to be blogging this over the next few days as I am about to launch my linkbait coaching service to a few, selected clients.

Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “I Hate the How to Linkbait Ebook”

  1. Well, pros and cons to this, of course. On the one hand, how can you write a how-to on what is essentially a creative process requiring originality more than anything to really shine? On the other hand, there certainly are books on how to paint to help beginning artists master the simple techniques.

    That being said, I am looking forward to reading the blog posts on it. THEN maybe you can turn them into an ebook. 🙂

  2. Well that is refreshing. Not that you aren’t entitled for compensation for your work, but you recognize that there are other ways to be financially rewarded for what you do. I look forward to following what you have to say.

  3. You should really check out the guys over at Teaching Sells (google it folks). I was stuck with the same situation concerning a specialty certification program I was going to do an ebook – and I’ve dropped that idea a few courses.

  4. What I hate about ebooks are those that teach us how to make money online, or how to do this to draw money or anything related to money..

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