Digg Not Saved, Please Reload and Try Again

Or go to a site which actually works.

From the Digg blog,

“Hey everyone, We know that we are currently having some issues on Digg at the moment. Submissions, commenting, digging and other actions may sometimes fail. We have a crack team assigned to it and will be making numerous fixes as soon as possible to get Digg back to 100% for ya. Please bear with us … Eli”

Interesting though, very few “paid to digg” people on the front page. Maybe digg should keep it that way if they want to keep the likes of me out 😉

1 thought on “Digg Not Saved, Please Reload and Try Again”

  1. Every business goes through its ups and downs, even the big Yahoo mail sometimes keeps us from reading the email for an hour or two, without even apologising after ..

    The problem with digg is that their existence and purpose and controversed. It’s not clear how much do they benefit the online community, or how much of their services is just used by the unscrupulous advertisers.

    I guess they could act more professionally on occasions like this, if they don’t want to lose that frail credibility. With such blog posts, they’re not acting in their favour ..

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