Does Really Need a Digg Button

When should you not have a digg button on your blog?

Definitely when you are an seo blog of top UK seo company, as witnessed here. Actually I have heard a lot of good things about Fresh Egg, but they write a painfully boring blog. If you ever find you can’t sleep at night, head over there and you will be stacking zeds in no time.

OK, so after ruining my chances of working with them or ever getting a link from them, back to the point.

It makes no sense sticking a digg button up on a blog that will not even get double digit votes from digg. It’s sloppy and announces to the world you do not have an understanding of such sites. Diggers are not going to digg an seo company without good reason. I’m not saying it wont ever happen, but you have to give them a damn juicy bone to distract them from the fact you simply want to game their system.

Not only seo types make this mistake, putting the “digg this” button on your site is usually not going to do much. Those who are fans of digg are already going to have a firefox loaded to the brim with digg weaponry that they only have to exhale to make a web page explode into the area of digg.

You may have fans who want to vote for you, but getting the same people voting for your stuff is hardly going to tickle diggs happy spot.

You could try one of those, nicely blended, sophisticated, text only buttons which nicely blend into your design, which no one really notices or even uses.

Saying all that, I did click a “digg this” button today, but only because I was too lazy to right click, but as I would have if there wasn’t a “digg this” button. What’s the point.

If you have a “digg this” button on your blog, get rid. It serves little or no purpose and marks you out as someone who does not “get it”.

16 thoughts on “Does Really Need a Digg Button”

  1. yeah, I’ve heard good things about fresh egg too but their blog (and their main site too to be honest!) is just a bit spammy and is always linking to their clients with the right anchor text.

    You should have put a digg button on this post 🙂 (it would have made me laugh anyway)

  2. Damn, I missed the chance of a cheap laugh. Actually what would have been funny is a mock up of a digg button that sends people through to Sphinn or mixxxxxx

  3. Ironically despite using their blog to mainly shill their clients they have had at least two stories FP at digg, so probably that’s why it’s there.

    Though I will admit that plenty of blogs have the digg button for no reason.

  4. @Kelvin, the questions is, what part did that button play in the front page? I doubt very little.

  5. @John, did you even read the article. You get two diggs and every post then gets a digg button, 99% of the posts have zero diggs. I say again, what does that say? Why publish a hundred failures to brag about two wins.

    I would advise you get rid of announcing you have zero diggs on the majority of your posts, it looks amatuerish.

    Freshegg could learn a lot from Site Visibility, an seo agency that gets social media marketing.

  6. Why? Because according to statistics those buttons on articles that ARE successful, are used a significant amount. I’m talking 10-15% of the total number of diggs. Which in my opinion, is a justified reason to have them there.

    I would agree with you that they don’t need to be on every post, but to say that ‘there is no point having them at all’ is ridiculous.

  7. As for ‘Site Visibility’ – you say they ‘get’ social media, but thats pretty useless given that they don’t know the first thing about SEO and the importance of URL rewrites!

  8. In fact the only term that they rank for of any relevance whatsoever is ‘seo brighton’ – which is so niche I could probably get a 1 static page of html to rank higher!

    Or am I missing something and ‘custard apple pie’ is actually an incredibly relevant and important search term?

  9. @John, deep breath mate. Ok, when I talk about social media, I am not talking about seo, the two are seperate but share the same space, you wanna put a digg button on your blog that says zero diggs, go for it.

    But you wont see me advising my clients to do such a thing.

  10. Hey John,

    I assume you’re from freshegg based on your comments, First up let me say sorry if I’ve pissed you off.

    What I think the greatest tragedy about the Fresh Egg Blog is the few articles they write about SEO are generally of a really high standard and it’s not a surprise they’ve done quite well on digg.

    What I question is the short nothing-y articles used just to give a link to to clients with their desired anchor text, surely they aren’t digg worthy?

    You’ve spotted that we prob could do a bit better with our own SEO, Fair play, we’re certainly having no trouble getting clients, mainly from word of mouth and our clients results. Not sure joe blogs searching for ‘SEO’ is really the kind of client we are after.

    I think theres a saying about never judge a cobbler by the state of his shoes that’s quite relv..

    Interestingly I’ve Freshegg have removed the digg buttons…

  11. I’m surprised the Digg button issue is even up for debate to be honest, but nice to see they’ve been removed.

    I actually think it’s a shame the Freshegg blog has gone downhill, back when they did the training course for Rebecca from SEOmoz with Ammon Johns the blog was full of quality content and was what SEO blogging is all about. Now instead of learning from interesting SEO posts it just seems to be full of client press releases written for anchor text, I’d be interested in seeing their subscriber figures!

  12. Well I think it’s good news for them that they removed the digg button, what I cannot understand is why John came there to publicly say it’s a good thing, and then the button is removed, weird.

    I hope this isn’t evidence of how they go about comment marketing, very silly way to market a brand by picking fights.

  13. ‘Lyndoman’
    I do work at Fresh Egg, not high up, and not in any position of importance so without being rude to them, I feel no moral obligation to defend them if it is not justified.

    As a company we are always testing new methods for promotion on our own site before considering using these methods for our clients. Some work brilliantly, others aren’t as reliable. The Digg button is a perfect example of this, its great for big posts, for smaller ones, as you mentioned, it doesn’t look so good. A conditional piece of script has been on our list of things to implement for a while now, and has now been done, I hope that you don’t think the Fresh Egg blog and its changes revolve around your opinions.

    I find it ironic that you accuse me of ‘being silly to pick fights’ when you posted this article directly aimed at Fresh Egg?

    Personally speaking, as an SEO, not a Fresh Egg employee – it seems that you yourself have a pretty poor understanding of SEO if you think that SEO is ‘gaming the system’ (as you mentioned in your artice), and a very poor understanding of marketing if you think that a quality piece of material for your own blog is to slate another SEO company…

    I’m not interested in starting any petty comment fights with you, frankly I have better things to do. But in posting your article and leaving it open to comments, you agreed to receive people’s opinions. Whether you like them or not, that is what a blog is all about.

    Just because I don’t agree with the points you made or how you made them, doesn’t mean I’m ‘brand marketing by picking fights’ it means I don’t agree with you.

    If you want to discuss this any further, feel free to give me a call. Number is on the website.

  14. “Whether you like them or not, that is what a blog is all about.”

    I’ve often wondered what blogging was about, lol.

    Thanks for having the time to make such a long reply 😉

  15. I wish I had as much time as you slackers to be debating a button! What next on Cornwall SEO? How about, does Cornwall have any form of economy outside of tourism? It certainly does not appear to be SEO that is for sure.

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