Twittering Naked in the Bath

My latest twitter is ” I still think Twitter is as useful as trying to water roses with an over salivating dog.” Which when you think about is is the secret of link building.

I find it as banal as left wing performance artist on the streets of Grantham on a wet Thursday afternoon.

But, and this is the important bit. It carries conversations of people in my industry, and thus, although I would rather rub my own eyeball with high grade sandpaper; I don’t want to be left out of the conversation, however banal. I can count on the fingers of one hand when I actually found it useful, other people may find it more useful than me. Particularly those of a burning need to announce that they are sat in an airport lounge. Continue reading “Twittering Naked in the Bath”

It's Not Networking it's Notworking

How much time do you spend working on your Web 2.0-cross voting network? Don’t get me wrong, a network is vital, the right network can propel you into social media marketing heaven. But, there comes a point where watching your story rise on digg and constantly plundering your IM contacts becomes notworking, not networking.

You become so desperate you ping the weird stalker you hoped would go away, but you are so desperate to squeeze those extra votes out of the tube you are willing to dance with the devil.

The law of diminishing return kicks in at some point, where you would get more out of working on your content than doing the ping-tango with your IM crowd. Continue reading “It's Not Networking it's Notworking”

Who are the Linkerati?

In my comments from digg is Not Social Media Marketing someone asked me, what is a linkerati?

In my arrogance and blinkered vision I expected everyone to know who the linkerati are. But not everyone spends most of their waking day immersed in the murky world of getting eyeballs to websites. Obviously I have to as I am a blogger whose goal is to teach and coach my readers to social media marketing nirvana.

But not everyone knows the jargon and as this is a pretty new industry there are a lot of fresh new faces. So lets get down to basics. Continue reading “Who are the Linkerati?”

digg is NOT Social Media Marketing

A recent IM chat session went like this,

“btw, digg is broken. i didnt get front with like 215 diggs, 107 comments”

It’s a shame isn’t it. is the party really over?

But what’s that I hear?


You mean the party is still going?

Digg used to be so easy to get to the front page, easy in the sense of after studying it for a year and spending more time devoted to it than trying to figure out what “Lost” is all about.

But it looks like those easy days by the pool are over. Continue reading “digg is NOT Social Media Marketing”