Twittering Naked in the Bath

My latest twitter is ” I still think Twitter is as useful as trying to water roses with an over salivating dog.” Which when you think about is is the secret of link building. I find it as banal as left wing performance artist on the streets of Grantham on a wet Thursday afternoon. But, […]

It’s Not Networking it’s Notworking

How much time do you spend working on your Web 2.0-cross voting network? Don’t get me wrong, a network is vital, the right network can propel you into social media marketing heaven. But, there comes a point where watching your story rise on digg and constantly plundering your IM contacts becomes notworking, not networking. You […]

Who are the Linkerati?

In my comments from digg is Not Social Media Marketing someone asked me, what is a linkerati? In my arrogance and blinkered vision I expected everyone to know who the linkerati are. But not everyone spends most of their waking day immersed in the murky world of getting eyeballs to websites. Obviously I have to […]

digg is NOT Social Media Marketing

A recent IM chat session went like this, “btw, digg is broken. i didnt get front with like 215 diggs, 107 comments” It’s a shame isn’t it. is the party really over? But what’s that I hear? Music? You mean the party is still going? Digg used to be so easy to get to the […]

Why it’s NOT Linkbait, Idiot!

OK, something has been bothering me. When a piece of web content, be it a blog post, a picture, a pdf, gets called linkbait simply because it gets a bunch of links. Is the term “linkbait” overused? Yes. But why is it important, I mean, who cares?

Does Really Need a Digg Button

When should you not have a digg button on your blog? Definitely when you are an seo blog of top UK seo company, as witnessed here. Actually I have heard a lot of good things about Fresh Egg, but they write a painfully boring blog. If you ever find you can’t sleep at night, head […]

Are You a Maki or a Yaro?

I stumbled across a post about two Internet marketing blogs at IttyBiz regarding two bloggers who live at doshdosh, Maki and Entrepreneurs Journey, Yaro. I’m not going into what the post said, merely pointing it out as the kick start to this post. Two blogs, both quite different in style, some shared objectives and some […]