Living Without Google – you know it's not that bad

So my site was hacked and Google supported me by blocking my blog from their search engine. Which I totally understand, searchers must be protected. But why make the process of trying to get back so long and painful and with zero feedback. I guess the answer to that is, “because we can.”

I don’t jive to the “google is evil”, mambo, in fact you should never jive to a mambo, but anyway…. I know it’s fashionable to rant about google in the SEO industry. I never have, unless you are trying to attract fellow moaners to your blog, what’s the point?

But, I have had two weeks without Google traffic, and you know what? I hardly noticed. Sure, it pulls in a few hundred people a day, but most of those are tire kickers. I don’t do advertising, the blog is purely set up as a lead generator, to feed leads into my linkbait creation machine. Clients tend to come to the site and read, bookmark, come back, read some more and then slap a big wadge of bills on the table and get me to come up with some cool linkbait.

Most clients tend to have found me through Sphinn, or through many of the other blogs which link to me. If you have become a regular reader of this blog and did come through google then let me know.

Of course if I had a site loaded with m-adsense, then targeted google traffic would be what I want. Whilst I would never suggest to block all your google traffic, it is quite liberating. I could now sell links till the cows come home, the pages still have page rank for what it’s worth.

I know Andy Beard and Michael Gray have railed against google in the past. Come on guys, come in, the water’s lovely. Block that big bad google and rejoice.

But know one thing, as soon as google decides I am no longer infected, I will be back in the warm, moist bosom of the beast from Mountain View, CA.

4 thoughts on “Living Without Google – you know it's not that bad”

  1. ha ha ha Ha! that’s awesome man. if you had more directly relying on that traffic your tune would change and i think that’s maybe why so many get their knickers in knots over the thougts of losing something. great story tho and glad to see you back – even if you are currently not suckling at the teat.

  2. Absolutely correct. There are plenty other ways of generating traffic. And like you said, a site with Google Adsense on it performs better with traffic from search engines. Google penalized a site of mine once and I really noticed it. Income decreased to absolutely zero.

    That experience really showed me that I should not rely on Google only!

  3. dont worry dude,

    even if you did need to get back into the index it wouldnt be long

    i recovered clients search rankings after malicious hacks one even where the hacker replaced the site with photos of dead Iraqi children from the war

    the most ive seen the ban last for is about 3 months

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