Google Reporting This Site as Dangerous

Unfortunately, it’s not in the James Bond or Jason Bourne dangerous, more of the blow your computer up kinda dangerous. If you see a search for this blog you will see that Google is reporting it as dangerous in the SERPS. It is not of course, the problem is the server was hacked to send out 60k emails, also there was a mysql injection attack which sprinkled dodgy links all over the prose.

Google was notified last week I had scrubbed the dirt out of the system, now I wait until they move their gargantuan muscles to sort it out.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual, although not on Google. If you have a Google guy on speed dial it would be great if the issue can be resolved. To be honest I only get ten percent of traffic through Google, but it still converts into clients and it doesn’t look good when you have the appearence of a cyber terrorist.

Lets hope Google can resolve the issue quickly, getting hacked is a rite of passage, although I’ve been hacked before, so don’t need the bragging rights.

Thanks for all those who contacted me to point this out.

2 thoughts on “Google Reporting This Site as Dangerous”

  1. Lyndon, welcome to the club ….

    You’re right, it’s a bit of the rite of passage. It happened to me on Christmas Eve.

    Some people came over and admitted they too had been hacked. But most people keep it under wraps. I had 14 emails from people admitting their sites had been hacked, but they were not comfortable mentioning it in public.

    The thing is, if we don’t talk about it openly, how will others ever become aware to protect themselves better?


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