Avatar Grunge

With having to change servers recently, I have misplaced my modified template. This caused the blog to go back in time 6 months to when I had Blogcatalog.com (sic) avatars showing up each time a visit from a blogcatalog user came onto the site. You know the thing, mybloglog and bumpzee do the same thing.

When I saw the avatars of scantily clad women and seemingly fresh out of the can mugshots alongside my content. I realised my blog had past a point in it’s career and could not go back. When starting out, these blogging systems were great in raising exposure and becoming part of the community. However, where this blog is now, having the avatars show is like coming across a Blackpool tattoo parlour in a Venetian Piazza.

This blog has always had specific goals in mind. As each one is reached the design has changed accordingly. I would reccomend anyone starting out to join with as many communities as possible and have the corresponding widget on your blog. But, as you don’t need them why dilute your brand with the brand of another, which is what an avatar represents.

I always believe you should be ruthless in cutting down the clutter on a blog, after all, surely the words you write should be sacred and anything which detracts should be able to justify it’s presence. If not, get rid.

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  1. WasabiBratwurst says

    Cant’ wait till I am at that point where I can get rid of that annoying Totem pole of avatars on my new site :) I guess I can do something similar to yours and move it to another page when my readership stabilizes. As always thanks for your inspiration Lyndon. Kanpai! -FUMI

  2. says

    I recently did something similar, by deactivating the MyAvatars plugin on my blog. There were some usability issues on posts with over 30 comments, and it was also a little distracting too.