Living Without Google – you know it’s not that bad

So my site was hacked and Google supported me by blocking my blog from their search engine. Which I totally understand, searchers must be protected. But why make the process of trying to get back so long and painful and with zero feedback. I guess the answer to that is, “because we can.” I don’t […]

Email Problems

I have been having major email problems with lyndon @, if you have been sending to that address within the past 7 days and wondering why you received no reply, it’s probably because my mail server ate it. All lost mail has been unrecoverable and so you will need to resend.

Why Saying No Can Mean More People Saying Yes.

Sometimes, you just have to say no. When building a social network whose main aim is to improve your social media marketing strategy you have to say no at some point when someone asks if you would put your name to a social media submission. It doesn’t much matter if your account is new and […]

Avatar Grunge

With having to change servers recently, I have misplaced my modified template. This caused the blog to go back in time 6 months to when I had (sic) avatars showing up each time a visit from a blogcatalog user came onto the site. You know the thing, mybloglog and bumpzee do the same thing. […]

Google Reporting This Site as Dangerous

Unfortunately, it’s not in the James Bond or Jason Bourne dangerous, more of the blow your computer up kinda dangerous. If you see a search for this blog you will see that Google is reporting it as dangerous in the SERPS. It is not of course, the problem is the server was hacked to send […]