Who is Your SEO Blog For?

When I started this seo blog my question was, who is it for? Who do I want to read this blog? This is a very useful question to ask, probably a question you should ask constantly for about a week as you mooch around coffee shops drinking mocha and reading the latest Britney Spears gossip from Heat magazine.

It’s actually a very difficult part of the process of blogging as most of the times you just want to get stuck in, eager to make some noise and get your words making guest appearances in other peoples brains.

Time spent before you first make that delicious act of pressing the publish button on thinking about who your seo blog is for is very, very well spent. This may sound daft, but I spent two years thinking about it, mostly it was a thought which lived comfortably in the back of my mind, warming itself on the warm embers of self loathing. But a year ago it came out into the cold, hard, winter sun and let itself be known.

I aim this blog at a medium to advanced audience, this does not mean the posts are necessarily advanced, but they address issues and provide insights into what I think someone who is more advanced would want to read. I find having the target defined in this way is one of the key ingredients in a successful blog.

The reason I target a medium to advanced audience is that I sell linkbaiting services to seo savvy individuals and corporations. But, the beginner seo market is large and probably more profitable, so I always toy with the idea of launching with a “SEO for Noobs”, blog. Thing is, I find it far more interesting writing on the more advanced issues.

Here’s a question. What blogs would you recommend for a good grounding in seo? The first one which comes to mind is seomoz, but it does have the tendency to drift into advanced mode, which is great for me, but for someone who does not know what the acronym SERPS means probably not. Seobook, no, too advanced. Hmmm, maybe the market is ripe for one. The problem with such a blog is keeping the level of information below a certain ceiling, which is hard for anyone who isknowledgeable and wishes to share stuff and any successful blogger is probably a person who loves sharing stuff.

It’s interesting about acronyms, like SERPS, because I was getting 30,000 people a day without even knowing what it meant. In fact apart from a brief flirtation with Searchengineworld.com and wilsonweb.com I hardly bothered with seo websites at all. If I was able to work it out on my own what’s an seo site going to tell me. I think that hase changed a lot since those early days. It’s more competititve and there are more ways to get the word out now.

Of course I know an excellent beginners seo podcast

So, the question is. Who is your seo blog for? And, if you don’t have an seo blog, what would you like an seo blog to contain?

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  1. Hey Lyndon,

    great article and just hits on something on my mind since quite some time.
    Time to think about what you want to achieve and who you want to reach is very well spent.

    I guess in my case I would say that the reasoning changes over time and so does the audience. For me my Blog is sort of a playground where I try things and share thoughts and ideas sometimes even news.

    There might be too many blogs in the world – but I rather have too many than too little I guess.

    Regarding the IDEAL seo blog – its obvious that there is no such thing. When you start off you read other blogs and forums compared to what you will read after years of following the scene.

    The most important adjectives for the ideal SEO blog IMHO should be something along the lines of – open – sharing – smart – specific – helpful.


  2. Good topic. My blog is actually geared towards people who are brand new to SEO. The SEO posts are probably very boring to our social media community on Sphinn because they just cover basic stuff, in an easy-to-understand-way.

    The reasons for this are twofold: 1. I run a niche directory that drives referrals to hundreds of therapists around the county, and they are always asking me how to get their sites to show up better in the search engines. 2. I do consulting work for an internet marketing firm, and it wouldn’t be wise to give out our trade secrets on a blog.

    It has turned into a great tool for me. When I get the age-old question, “How do I get my site to show up for these keywords?” I direct them to my blog.

  3. Maybe someone should start a collaborative SEO for beginners blog, ‘cos I can’t think of any but then also I’m not really looking for them.

  4. My SEO blog is targeted to approach Newbies..raw and untouched by technicalities that sometimes appear in the more seasoned writer’s approach.

    I’d like to think that the more seasoned ones also find it appealing in a way that will make them want to pass my info in someones direction if the reader needs a little less technical jargon and a little more back-to-the basics kind of address. Which means that I like to include posts that I can also share with my mentors and social SEO family circle.

    I send my readers to the doorsteps of my SEO expert family as a way to introduce them to trustworthy sources as they need more than what I have to offer. So,hopefully, I’m optimizing for the SERP’s but mostly for the users.

  5. I think a number of blogs dabble in the “for beginners” area, and do it well, but don’t make it their focus. SEOmoz does it, Weip does as well.

    I think there’s a couple reasons there aren’t more blogs out there geared towards beginners: 1)As you stated, it’s more fun writing on the more advanced stuff. 2)I think you probably are more likely to develop a long term audience writing about the more advanced aspect. Seems as if you write a blog for beginners, you’ll get people starting out and you’ll probably get a good deal of search traffic, but your readers will move on once they move past the beginner’s stage.

    Good to see you back ’round here.

  6. Hey Lyndoman,

    There are still so many ways that a newbie could find basics of SEO. He just needs to Google them. For a motivation to blog, I would like to share an incident with you, which happened to me a few months ago.

    One of the top marketing guys in India emailed me about how much he liked my blogging and praised it. I was like…wow…thats amazing! He has now reached out to me for help with his new online venture. I don’t know what motivates you to blog, but when people appreciate you, this is what motivates and pushes me to sleepless nights, just to find good stuffs online, so that I could share it.

    People say there is a lot which is not spoken in public, but there is too much which is available online. If you learn the things available you will get to know things over time, with your experiences. I’ve failed many a times, but I have learned a lot of things, and when I see success I feel satisfied.

    I understand what you probably be feeling when there are so many blogs out there, it is very difficult to cope with the big ones, single handedly! This is the reason, you should consider to expand. Start a multiple blogging system and you might get motivated once again.

    You’ve a brilliant future, you’re among the best! Then why do you worry about anything else. I know it, and people know it too!

    Happy Blogging!

  7. All investments of time (especially those of magnitude like starting an seo blog) should be supported by specific strategy, purpose and goal. SEO is such a saturated niche already. There certainly is room for up-and-comers so long as its valuable/differentiated enough – and the questions you pose are the right ones to determine how to address it. Of course there’s intuition too. I’ve been waiting for my gut to give me the green light on my parked seo domain for 6 months!

  8. At first I thought ‘there isn’t enough to cover’, then I guess if you have a weekly schedule of site reviews one day of the week and maybe new search engines news ‘broken down’ another day then you could keep the blog active.

    I like to think I relate to not only the more advanced people online (as an upcoming post will show) but to people who are making the content that us marketers want to share i.e. youtube video creators

    Great post and interesting topic…nice to see you back

  9. I started my blog because I needed a place where I can write not that serious things, experiments, rants, findings and other timely information for Webmasters. It morphed a little (content wise), but still the majority of my readers are savvy Webmasters.

    I think there are enough good SEO4noobs and IM blogs out there. That’s why I stick to the technical side. I don’t plan to change that.

  10. I don’t have a SEO blog. However, driven by a few small SEO successes I’ve recorded with some of my sites, last year I started a small SEO business, offering services for local clients. There is a huge potential for SEO in Romania, as probably 90% of the local websites are not optimised at all. It was easy to get a few clients, but only working for them I realised how many things I still don’t know, I realised that small, local markets cannot benefit from most of the international tools, because the search volumes are so low sometimes that statistics become irrelevant.

    I’d like a SEO blog to contain lots of case studies, with discussions on their edge: what was good, what was not so good, what mistakes were made… Now I feel SEO like being a black box: on one side you input on page optimisation, and links, and on the other side there comes out your Google ranking. I want to know what happens in the back box, I want to have a certain amount of control on those processes.

  11. Well, clearly the blog is aimed at the potential clients or partners. What a question from a SEO 😉

    I think it makes sense to stay in middle/advanced (I do that too), because it is easy to stay in those topics. It doesn’t require extensive research and weeks of writing and isn’t too boring to write altogether.

    Btw, when I started, I covered the basics first, such as website structure, keyword research, etc and then, as my blog grew, I already had a base of posts to link to, to clarify the new posts.

    I am sure you can cover easy topics with medium and advanced scents, such as writing about something very simple as titles and then going deep into human psychology and such. Those, who need simple stuff, will get what they want and go on with the rest of the site, hopefully.

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