StumbleUpon Day

I’ve decided to make today Stumbleupon day, I’m going to Stumble more pages than ever before and review a ton of Stumblers.

Let me know if you want your stumble blog reviewed in the comments below with a link to your stumble blog, this may mean other people will visit your blog.

I think this will help me connect with new Stumblers, I think I have stumbled most of my network, this will help me fill in the gap.

You don’t have to stumble me back, this is not what this is about.

Have you noticed whilst Stumbleupon encourages networking, digg is anti networking. I honestly think Stumble will triumph over digg because of this. Stumble respects its users as it lives and dies by them, whilst digg seems to mistrust its users, even those who have helped build their business by banning them. Can you believe that.

Anyway, this is not intending to be an anti digg post, I still get great benefit from getting clients to the front page. I am trying out a new coffee, Cart Noir, and it has fired up the furnace so to speak.

Would like to post more but have a ton of client work to be getting on with, now where is that second cup?

71 thoughts on “StumbleUpon Day”

  1. Actually Matt, I found it quite easily on your blog, now why can’t everyone be as helpful. But you can still drop a link to let other people go direct to your stumble blog

  2. Could you review my blog too, please? It’s at – I’d love to join in with your StumbleUpon day celebrations. I’m new to stumbling, so not sure what my contribution towards this should be. I try to stumble people who stumble me, as well as random stumbling, have I got the right idea?

  3. deehuff, my opinion, first rule is to Stumble what you like, then stumble who you like. Also, if you really like someones stumbles, add them as a friend and review them. Basically, the thing to do is make friends and have fun.

  4. Nick, in days of old a whore to the Royal Court would be called a Courtisan, selling themselves for power and favours and influence, a whore is in it just for the money. Far more accurate to be called a courtisan, and it sounds nicer 😉

    Maybe this will inspire a few more people to do reviews of other stumblers themselves?

  5. Stumbleupon day; great idea! I have stumbled this entry and am off to go check out some of the other profiles listed here. Feel free to visit mine at but I haven’t been particularly good at stumbling other sites of late, more just stumbling around and running some ad campaigns on the site. Got to hit the ‘I Like It’ button more often!!

  6. Dave, we are stumbling stumbleupon blogs themselves, not stumbling blogs. It’s confusing I know, but post your actual stumbleupon page and I can go to work.

  7. OK, all stumbled so far. This is turning out to be quite interesting. The problem with being new to social networking is that it is very hard to get started, so I am pleased to give a few newish stumblers a leg up.

    If you are polite and not taking the mick, it’s easy to get people to stumble your stuff, problem is there are a lot out there who like the short cut and seem to think having their stuff stumbled is their right.

  8. Absolutely brilliant idea and would love to be included if I’m not too late…

    This day is going to go down in the Social Media history books – I think there needs to be more days like this one!

    Keep up the great work – you’ve gained a stumble and a sphinn from me 🙂

  9. Nice idea… one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be a better StumbleUpon “citizen”, so this fits right in. I never thought about stumbling someone’s SU blog (is that meta-stumbling?), but hey, I’m game:

    I’ll do my best to be extra generous with the stumbling today. I’m naturally clumsy, so it should be easy 🙂

  10. yeah no probs if I have already stumbled you, drop your link, if it was good enough for me to review in the first place others may find your Stumble Blog useful too.

  11. Wow!…I’m pretty sure you’ll gonna have a busy day stumbling through pages..^^..Good thing you have a cup of Cart Noire with you..^^

    Happy Stumbleupon Day Lyndoman!

  12. damn. belated. ah well. caught it on the reader a day late. Great idea though. let’s just hope this little stunt doesn’t get everyone kicked off stumble. then we’d have to send them an email begging for forgiveness.

    Will you be doing this on the regular? I think it would be fun to do this and perhaps blog about some of the best ideas. There’s always plenty to post about after some time a-stumblin.

    rock on. 🙂

  13. Feel free to check out my website (blog). I’d also love to know hw to get the “Stumble This!” icon (not just text but a “hot linked” graphic onto my sidebar! Stumble Upon’s directions are confusing!



  14. As always, an exceptional idea for a post and, as always, I don’t read it until weeks after! (been busy with ace new client). is a blog turned website of my new independant SEO consultancy (I’m leaving the full service agency game for good!) that I’ve just transferred over from my blogger account. I’ve started to build an SEO trust directory on it:
    The idea being that only the original members can place other trusted members on there. Happy stumbling!

  15. I love SU. I’m the primary admin for 1389 Blog – Antijihadist Tech – our primary focus is promoting freedom of speech and the press for the counterterrorist community. We also track the effort to combat e-jihadists, other “hard news” stories not adequately covered elsewhere, and some tech tips.

    We have found that SU is great for building traffic to our articles, for making new friends, even for locating potential blog contributors. The problems that are inherent in Digg don’t even come up in SU.

    Stop by and visit me on SU – I’m 1389ad.

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