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So I awoke at 6am this morning to write a nice bit of content for a client and was confronted with a digg Strike. Quickly pinged a few people and saw that the digg community had finally had enough at the Ivory Tower marketing techiniques of the founders of digg.com

Basically, people are pissed at the lack of communication with those who run digg and also over changes in the algorithm which mean some need over 200 voted to make it to the front page.

Short version: digg is changing, adapting with the times. They are in an arms race with the spammers and I hope they win. Problem is, people like me who provide great content for digg get caught in the crossfire and sometimes struggle to get the good stuff to the top. Will it be easier for the good stuff to get to the front page? Can’t say, not yet, we have to see how this current dust up settles.

The drilldown gang had an emergency, live podcast and were joined by a couple of surprise gate crashers, the head honchos at digg turned up to address issues. A two hour discussion followed, all good stuff, but some issues were not addressed.

So, rather than go over what has already been said here is a list of all the stories covering the story.

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11 thoughts on “Digg Revolt”

  1. For almost 2 weeks now, I can’t log on to my Digg account . Probably there’s some problem with our IP address or something. Too bad, I also want to hear the latest happening in Digg now.

  2. Hey Lyndon,

    it’s good to see that Digg is doing something against the spam. However spammers will always be attracted to opportunities, like bees to honey.

    There is (potentially) money to be made, and that attracts all kinds of people. Just like Google most companies will always be chasing their tails and not getting any further over the long-term of the war against spam and crappy content.

    BTW – Many thanks for your concise list of all the other posts and topics concerning this story. Lots of great posts there!


  3. There?s an old Russian saying: ?the fish rots from the head.? Digg is a bad site because the people running it are bad – in terms of tech ability, lack of transparency, deceptiveness, spin, you name it. The same is true of Digg?s venture cap investors.

    Over a year ago, Digg could be fun some of the time. Those days are long gone. Every time Digg changed anything, they just made it worse.

    Digg is not really concerned about excluding spammers, cheats, and sock puppets per se – Digg already had mechanisms that accomplished that purpose well enough. No, they just want to control the mix of users and of stories to meet their own criteria – all the while preserving the illusion that the typical user has meaningful input.

    Use StumbleUpon instead. It beats heck out of Digg.

  4. Well, digg is not used here in The Netherlands that much anymore. To get a Dutch article on a good position is almost impossible.

    Stumble works a lot better, and has a sharp increasing Dutch userbase.

  5. I heard a lot about this when it first happened, but since then I’ve not heard very much on the subject. Looking at Digg’s home page it seems business as usual with every other post being totally pointless or a top ten list of some kind submitted by one of ten super Diggers.

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