Digg Revolt

So I awoke at 6am this morning to write a nice bit of content for a client and was confronted with a digg Strike. Quickly pinged a few people and saw that the digg community had finally had enough at the Ivory Tower marketing techiniques of the founders of digg.com

Basically, people are pissed at the lack of communication with those who run digg and also over changes in the algorithm which mean some need over 200 voted to make it to the front page.

Short version: digg is changing, adapting with the times. They are in an arms race with the spammers and I hope they win. Problem is, people like me who provide great content for digg get caught in the crossfire and sometimes struggle to get the good stuff to the top. Will it be easier for the good stuff to get to the front page? Can’t say, not yet, we have to see how this current dust up settles.
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StumbleUpon Day

I’ve decided to make today Stumbleupon day, I’m going to Stumble more pages than ever before and review a ton of Stumblers.

Let me know if you want your stumble blog reviewed in the comments below with a link to your stumble blog, this may mean other people will visit your blog.

I think this will help me connect with new Stumblers, I think I have stumbled most of my network, this will help me fill in the gap.

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Who is Your SEO Blog For?

When I started this seo blog my question was, who is it for? Who do I want to read this blog? This is a very useful question to ask, probably a question you should ask constantly for about a week as you mooch around coffee shops drinking mocha and reading the latest Britney Spears gossip from Heat magazine.

It’s actually a very difficult part of the process of blogging as most of the times you just want to get stuck in, eager to make some noise and get your words making guest appearances in other peoples brains.

Time spent before you first make that delicious act of pressing the publish button on thinking about who your seo blog is for is very, very well spent. This may sound daft, but I spent two years thinking about it, mostly it was a thought which lived comfortably in the back of my mind, warming itself on the warm embers of self loathing. But a year ago it came out into the cold, hard, winter sun and let itself be known.
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