Social Bookmarking and SEO

There are social bookmarking sites out there that give dofollow links. Meaning if you craft a piece of content and title it with the keyword phrase you need, you are getting a free link with the correct anchor text.

In fact, there are 100’s of sites out there you can do this at. I’m not going to give a list of all the dofollow sites I use, but check out this social bookmarking list and build your own. It simply takes time.

What you need

  • A piece of content that provides value
  • A compelling title
  • Keyword phrase within the title
  • A way to monitor your accounts
  • Regular analysis of how long each link pops up in google

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Comments do not exist for you to drop a link

I offer a comment system on this blog to allow people to discuss the blog post and if needs be continue the discussion on their own blog, which is what trackback is about.

I don’t have a comment system for you to advertise your blog and will delete any unknown person dropping a link without a second thought.

People who leave genuine comments are rewarded with a dofollow link. Although I am thinking of getting rid of it as it’s way to risky and when comments are heavy I don’t want to have to keep checking if that link is going to a bad neighbourhood.

Comments are about conversation. Most people do not have a problem with this concept. It’s not like this is a directory.

It might be useful if I posted a “what’s acceptable” for comments, but I expected it not to get abused too much.

So if your comment does not make it through the gates you know why.

I advise everyone to be careful when letting people comment with dofollow links.

Rand-Gate and a bunch of girly tittle tattle

Those of you who follow the seo blog-bowl will be well aware of Rand-Gate and the whole paid link-outing dooh dah. I finally found words of wisdom, coming all the way from Denmark courtesy of Mikkel deMib Svendsen.

And now this. A bunch of, supposidle, grown up men acting like little girls – he did that, she said so, he should not say so, I don’t like her bla. bl.a bl.a. I would have expected this from a bunch of 13 year old girls in a school yard but not from a group of grown up people calling themselfs marketing professionals. (sic)

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Lets put things in perspective

I’ve had down time the last few days due to a tummy bug. Sounds a bit fluffy and cuddly doesn’t it, a “tummy bug”. When the reality is….. well, I’m not going to go into the reality.

But reading Marty Weintraub’s story puts it in perspective. I Was Diagnosed With Stage 3B Lymphoma The good thing is he has a great attitude and attends a great clinic. Continue reading “Lets put things in perspective”

Your secret blogging weapon is you

You are what differentiates your blog. What attracts people to blogs is more about the person behind the writing than the actual writing itself. Don’t believe me, check out all the top blogs and they are personality driven. What I mean by that is it is the brand of the author that transcends the content itself. Of course the content goes a long way to developing the online brand of the author, but when it is established the content is less important.

I hesitate to say that it is the personal brand of the author, rather it is the online persona which is created and used to market the blog. This is why companies and corporations have a hard time blogging, it’s all about online personality, conversely this is why a lot of blogs are boring. Continue reading “Your secret blogging weapon is you”