I found Brighton SEO a while back, I just wish he would bloody blog a bit more, the chap seems to know what he is talking about.

It?s a good time to be a UK SEO. There is a lack of expertise in this area and currently demand is outweighing the supply. This is certainly going to benefit a lot of the seasoned pros, as more and more set up internships and conferences in order to increase the UK offering.

Brighton SEO

Linking Linkbait and the Linked Linkers who Link to it

For linkbait to be successful it needs to be linked to. Obvious really, but it’s easy to get blinded by the traffic. 30,000 visitors may do your ego some good ( it definately boosts mine ) but it’s not the point of the exercise.

So what about after you get those links, can more be done? Most definately. Continue reading “Linking Linkbait and the Linked Linkers who Link to it”