Makes Time Magazine

In the 24th of December issue of Time Magazine, flick to the back and check out the article called, The Power of 10. Jump to number 8 and you will see a quote from one of my blog posts, reasons why you should not stop posting top ten lists

It’s very tricky trying to explain to friends and family what I actually do. Success is really only judged on the car you drive and the size of the house you live in. Not whether or not you got a clients website to the front page of digg for the umpteenth time. Now I can wave something under their noses they understand.

Maybe I should start paying more attention to journalists.

Thanks to James Poniewozik for including me in the article.

29 thoughts on “ Makes Time Magazine”

  1. WOW.. thats really awesome! Congratulations!

    will have to buy that copy to show family and friends this guy stumbled/reviewed my blog to try and gain some respect/fame! 😉

  2. How the mighty have fallen. Last year they made you Person of The Year and this year all you’ve got is a crappy little line of text buried deep in an article. Shame on you, Lyndon. If only you hadn’t removed “dofollow” from your blog comments you could have been Person of The Year again…

  3. Congrats but you spelled the guys name wrong Poniewozik just in case he interviews you for Person of the Year.
    HUGE news, wave it in everyone’s face, I know I would.

  4. Excellent job! Any idea what kind of traffic this is pushing? i’d love to see the follow up with that data!
    Even if your traffic doesn’t spike, this is excellent social proof to help close the deal. Great work!

  5. Hey guys. I just came here for the sole reason that i saw this website in the time magazine. I dont rele get wut you guys do, but hey if some random guy comes here just cuz of the time then you shud feel pretty special

  6. I see that you’re number 8 on the Time list, which is the same number you deliberately omitted from your own top 10 list on the grounds that nobody would notice! 🙂

  7. Top Ten Lists are great. They’re always interesting and easy to read. You can always elaborate more on a specific item, too. Plus, you can basically make top ten lists about anything and everything. Congratulations on making Time magazine, by the way.

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