Commenting Policy Change

In the past I removed the “nofollow” tag on my comments. This was to encourage comments and to reward regular commenters with a link. The problem is that I don’t have time to go check out the website in the comment link and as Google will penalise if I link to a bad neighbourhood I have decided to remove the “dofollow” from comments.

I regularly find dofollow websites in my logs, so people are targeting dofollow websites, which is a good tactic if your strategy is of a certain shade.

I am a very generous linker to sites I think are useful and informative for the reader of my blog and have no problem linking to the good stuff. The idea that you only get a trusted link if you make a comment no longer holds water in my estimation.

Will comments go up? Will comments go down. My feeling is that they will stay the same.

It comes down to one issue. I want 100% control over who gets the trust past on from this blog. You may say I already have the trust as I can delete comments. Yes, technically I do, but I do not want to spend my time doing that, I want to spend it in more lucrative ways like spending more time on Linkbait work for clients.

8 thoughts on “Commenting Policy Change”

  1. I don’t completely agree with you on this one because I think it encourages the misuse of standards. However, I understand *why* you made this choice.

    Regardless, you’re still in my feed reader and I’ll still pop by when I can and drop my 2 cents. This blog has more value to me than a little link juice. 😉

  2. You slag off the so called “Google massacre” and then back down like a little puppy – fair play! Matt Cutts 1 Lyndon 0

  3. Steve, I find your comment childish and misinformed. I am not playing a game here, it’s not my gang vs your gang, that’s playground talk. I blog for business, the most important metric for me is the cash in my pocket, not some geekoid-paranoic-anti-Google fest.

    And if I see no benefit to dishing out dofollow on my comments, when the downside can be linking to places I do not wish to and having scroats filching links.

    If you interpret “zzzzzzzzzzzzz” as a slagging off, then your brain must have the consistency of a slugs armpit. Keep commenting, then you will read a proper slagging off.


  4. Lyndon, you have the BEST vocabulary, especially when you are annoyed :). We learn words like “slag,” “sroats,” “grubbing,” & “filching.” LOL.

    On another note, what bit of code eliminates the availability of the apostrophe in your threads?


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