London SMX

I travel to London today to go cover the first London Search Marketing Expo. It will also be my first time at a search conference. I finally get to breathe the same air as people I have been sucking information out of for years. You probably don’t want to hear how excited I am to travel the Great Western Railway, or read about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, one of the most amazing engineers ever.

I am not a trainspotter in any way, shape or form. But, there is something about trains that invokes, romance, mystery, excitement. Also the fact I can plug in my laptop and use it for the whole 5 hours is quite useful.

I am going to be covering London SMX as press and will be reporting back. I wont be live blogging, but I will writing about the conference in my own style and sharing a few juicey tidbits I pick up here I there.

I havn’t been blogging as late as I have been neck deep in client work, I know some of them read this blog. Guys, gimme a couple of days off at SMX and I will be back at the grindstone soon enough. Things are so busy in the world of social media marketing that I am now having to take on staff.

Next time we chat, I will be back in London, where I once spent a very happy ten years.

7 thoughts on “London SMX”

  1. Hey Lyndon !

    Getting ready for SMX here too, it’ ll be good to meet up if we get a chance!

    However of you go today, you might get a bit of a surprise… !

  2. Enjoy Lyndon! I remember my first Search Show. It was quite eye opening. Sometimes when you’re all locked up in your own bubble of clients, work, internets, it’s hard to imagine that there’s this entire universe of things all related to it that has developed.

    Kudos on growing your business too.

    Good times ahead..

  3. Lyndon, I hope you enjoy blogging the show. It’s very rewarding and also excellent for linkbuilding…and friend-making, and merry-making. We’re looking forward to your coverage statewide. Give Chris Elwell a little crap for me. 🙂

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