SMX London 2007

Here’s a tip for first timers at an SMX conference like myself, don’t rush out of the bathroom without drying your hands and then say hi to Danny Sullivan for the first time trying to explain that the moisture on your hands is water and not some other liquid.

My coverage is not the live blogging variety which the most excellent Tamar Weinberg and Lisa Barone serve up. I hadn’t been online since travelling to London as the internet access did not work in my room and I am sure that my mouse hand is suffering muscle wastage.
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London SMX

I travel to London today to go cover the first London Search Marketing Expo. It will also be my first time at a search conference. I finally get to breathe the same air as people I have been sucking information out of for years. You probably don’t want to hear how excited I am to travel the Great Western Railway, or read about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, one of the most amazing engineers ever.

I am not a trainspotter in any way, shape or form. But, there is something about trains that invokes, romance, mystery, excitement. Also the fact I can plug in my laptop and use it for the whole 5 hours is quite useful.
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Top Stumblers Gathered by Muhammed Saleem

Stumbleupon is regarded by many as the best social bookmarking site
around. However, from an active users perspective there are a number
of things which can be improved. One of those things is an effective
way to rank it’s users.

Social media expert Muhammad Saleem has developed a tool addressing
these issues.

Welcome Mu, could you tell my readers what Stumblerank is and what does?

StumbleRank aggregates user statistics from StumbleUpon and then uses them to compare users and rank them based on their activity, the number of fans they have, and the number of reviews they have gotten.
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Why You Need A Social Media Consultant

I used to write poetry, good stuff. Mostly to impress the ladies, I was interested in women who like guys who could write poetry. Poetry is easy when you realise it’s just words and you don’t need to do anything else except write them.

But it’s difficult to make a living out of poetry, it’s a shame really because I found it so easy.

I now find getting on the front page of digg easy, sure it doesn’t always happen but I think I have a good hit rate. So good in fact that digg has had to ban this blog. Seems I’m giving away a little too much info for them to handle.

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