Your secret blogging weapon is you

You are what differentiates your blog. What attracts people to blogs is more about the person behind the writing than the actual writing itself. Don’t believe me, check out all the top blogs and they are personality driven. What I mean by that is it is the brand of the author that transcends the content itself. Of course the content goes a long way to developing the online brand of the author, but when it is established the content is less important.

I hesitate to say that it is the personal brand of the author, rather it is the online persona which is created and used to market the blog. This is why companies and corporations have a hard time blogging, it’s all about online personality, conversely this is why a lot of blogs are boring.

I’m sorry to say this, well not really. But most people are average, normal and boring. Not that there is anything wrong with that, some of my best friends are average, normal and boring. When it comes to reading something, people want a bit of spice, a bit of pazazz, even when it’s around factual based information. Carl Sagan wasn’t the best Cosmologist out there but he had the charisma and magnetic personality to make it interesting even to people who didn’t give a toss about cosmology.

I don’t think I even read a company blog, I read blogs that have become companies and even corporations but most commercial entities just don’t get it.

Making money from blogging can be done, I make nothing from this blog but I make a lot with it. Starting a blog these days, even in a narrow niche is difficult because of the amount of competition out there. A lot of the blogs espousing problogging as a way to get rich got their readership back in the days of when the it was all wide open plain and you could stick your flag in the ground and build your blog empire.

But a blog is a fantastic tool if you use it to market what you already have. I use it to market my Linkbaiting service, also my services as an SEO consultant. I will be adding a writing service or content creation service soon. The point is, there is an easier way to make money using a blog than simply picking a subject, slapping on the advertising and building a readership.

The past week or so I have been experimenting with writing posts about blogging rather than simply linkbait, seo or social media info. And in terms of traffic it’s been great, but I’m not so sure this is the direction I want to take the blog, but I think I have some interesting inisghts to share and I don’t want to start a new blog about blogging. There are enough of those already.

So I guess I will just pollute the content here.

Getting back to you. Yeah I know I went off topic.

My point is, you can learn all the tricks in the books, learn everything about blogging there is to learn (it’s a good idea to do that), but at the end of you day it is YOU who will be making the difference. You will be the reason why people will come or ignore your blog.

I don’t sell a blogging course and I have no affiliate links to blogging courses so I have absolutely no interest in whether you blog or not. But, blogging is not for everyone, and the sooner you find out whether or not you are unsuitable the more time you can spend doing something more worthwhile.

Just because you want to be a blogger doesn’t mean you will be a good one. From looking at the amount of blogs out there I would say you have 1 chance in 100. In that for every 100 blogs started only one is worth it.

But if you have the cajones? If you have that little twinkle in your eye. If you simply wish to succeed no matter what it takes. You should remember your secret weapon. YOU!

Do not be afraid of leaking your personality all over your blog. I’m not. And yes it may mean objectivity may be compromised, but people do not go to a blog for dispassionate, bland facts and figures. They visit to read what someone has to say.

Whatever you say, say it with a little style, a little panache. Shout it from the rooftops. Make sure people know what you think. Dare to challenge the status quo. Stir it up a little, take on a bully or two.

Ultimately, be yourself.

13 thoughts on “Your secret blogging weapon is you”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve only recently started my blog but I had thought about for ages and I agonized over the name for weeks and weeks. I knew I wanted to quit my job and make a living online and write about that journey but I just couldn’t think of what to call it. I was trying to come up with clever names but nothing felt right.

    Then one day it just dawned on me – rather than try to be clever, why not just be me? My blog is in my own name, that’s it. It’s a blog about my personal journey and at least this way I can write freely in my own voice.

  2. Thats very true. I wish people don’t just start a blog and try to make money because someone else is doing it. I started my blog mainly to get sticky traffic and promote affiliate product easier.

  3. Great post. Perfectly explains why blogs are successful (and most aren’t). Blogging is a popularity contest and personality has everything to do with it.

  4. In a tribute to the upcoming season of ghouls and goblins?. I give you; Things that Scare me in the world of internet marketing

    WOW, you’ve been Blogging about Blogging lately? I hadn’t noticed man… he he… I suppose you may have something because outside of the ‘persona’ – I have no idea why folks keep coming back to my hide-away really. I feel like an auto race that folks are simply waiting to see me crash in a ball of flames some day.

    That of course, is altogether likely :0) …

    Oh and thanks for generally having some meat behind the Titles … he he..


  5. absolutely… tho it may be Carnegie or Abraham who said, “it’s more important to be interestED in others, than to be interestING to others.” That’s the irony of personal branding.

    So while we want our blogging to convey our personality, we should also see if from their perspective… what do our readers find interesting? Then we won’t risk being as boring as we really are 😉

    That’s why I help lawyers, accountants, financial planners, and real estate professionals (some of the most boring guys out there) to get into the blogosphere, I help them focus on their hobbies, values, interests, causes… stuff that’s a bit more interesting than the number-crunching and fact-citing they’re used to.

    good points.
    ~ Vikram

  6. I agree, the best blogs i enjoy reading are the ones where the writer is a jerk and does not give a hoot. Insults fly left and right, but guess what the audience loves it. Personality always wins, on and offline

  7. Great post! Very inspiring for us who know how to blog but need some inspiration once in a while!

  8. Great article. I have created a blog hoping to explore and develop personal interests, and sometimes hesitate in letting my quirks show…i think I will now. Also, My blog is so anti-niche, that I have been researching monetization techniques and I seem to be heading towards two conclusions. 1. some of the techniques seem like the internet equivalent of telemarketing – no insult to telemarketers – but more about driving traffic. 2. There seems to have been a golden era of problogging that has just about passed.

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