SEO test – Murtle took a walk with an aligator

Murtle took a walk with an aligator

I shouted “Murtle took a walk with an aligator” out on my digg shout box to see what would happen, then set up a Google alert for it. Sure enough it popped up in the SERPS, but not on my shout page, on Aldomatic’s and Obeezy’s. Which is interesting, does this mean these two have the most google juice for their digg page within my digg network?

I have now added the phrase to my “About me” on my digg profile. I have obviously added it here also, lets see what happens?

I love the speed at which google picks on blog stuff these days.

BTW, if you want to compete with me on this term to see how much juice you have, be my guest.

Update: dammit, I had a phone call that caused me to miss exactly when it popped up in Google for this site. It was definately less than an hour. The power of the blog is power indeed. I will be checking other sites for their indexing speed. One thing that is interesting is that I am beating digg in the serps. Probably because on on-page elements.