Rand-Gate and a bunch of girly tittle tattle

Those of you who follow the seo blog-bowl will be well aware of Rand-Gate and the whole paid link-outing dooh dah. I finally found words of wisdom, coming all the way from Denmark courtesy of Mikkel deMib Svendsen.

And now this. A bunch of, supposidle, grown up men acting like little girls – he did that, she said so, he should not say so, I don’t like her bla. bl.a bl.a. I would have expected this from a bunch of 13 year old girls in a school yard but not from a group of grown up people calling themselfs marketing professionals. (sic)

I havn’t edited the quote and you can read the original here.

I don’t blog about such nonsense as I am way too busy and really not interested. It seems that others are not as busy. I shouldn’t even be blogging now as I have huge client work to do, but had to post Mikkel’s comment as it distilled what I was thinking.

At the end of the day you can blog about what you want, who am I to say don’t blog this or that. But at what cost your brand? I know I may be talking about you, but c’mon, get a grip. There are far more interesting things to blog about than seo-blog tittle tattle.

You can hear Mikkel on the Strikepoint show at Webmaster Radio.

9 thoughts on “Rand-Gate and a bunch of girly tittle tattle”

  1. I agree with your overall point. However, I do take a step back when I see a negative behavior being ascribed a gender — regardless of the gender.

  2. Rand-Gate so exactly who were you aiming this post at? Is there 2 lyndons 1 to tell the other to stop posting about posting about people who should stop posting.
    Does your head not hurt after such paradoxical logic?

  3. “at what cost to your brand” – excellent point Lyndon, be it your companies brand or your personal brand. I’ve been trying to avoid reading about all this business but it’s hard to escape from. You’d think we’d have more interesting things to talk about in the SEM industry!

  4. Skellie, it reflected the quote and is the kind of language I would use to describe it. It’s a cultural reference point that people understand, even though it may be born of prejudice, but then what opinion is not.

    Tim, I was commenting on the commenters, it’s not that complicated. 😉

    Tom, there is a morbid fascination I have over this whole event. Kinda like a car crash, I want to look but no it serves no purpose. But it does not motivate me to comment on the event, merely comment on the commenters.

    I’m more interested in what I have for lunch than the actual even at hand. Which will be Oatmeal bread from the Truro farmers market, toasted to perfection and smothered in Cornish honey. Gotta support your local farmers.

  5. I understand being fascinated by it…you have a major player getting trashed all over the place and the whole thing is horribly appealing to watch on some levels. I would hate to be in his yellow shoes, but I’d hate to be the kind of person who was judged by one mistake too. It’s much better to pick on people for other reasons, like what kind of music they listen to or whether they wear a toupee.

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