36 thoughts on “My Opinion on the Google Page Rank Massacre”

  1. You wouldn’t have said that about the backlinks or traffic 😉

    That being said I am not sure it was worth the amount of time I spent on it today.

  2. @ Andy, and also my PR was untouched 😉

    But that little green bar does whip seo bloggers into a mouth foaming frenzy.

  3. Massacre … next step is mass suicides judging from the hysteria across the boards. I bet that’s just testing the waters with tiny chunks. Many more massacres to come …

  4. Fair point, Lyndon. Maybe folks did get a little hot under the collar yesterday but, certainly from my perspective, it wasn’t just about PR. It’s more about the way Google operate.

  5. HA! You nofollowed the comments on this post. That’s either the most subtle and funny thing I’ve seen on the internet all week or a mistake. Either way it made me laugh.

  6. @ I have changed my nofollow plugin to nofollow comments less than 3 days old. Older comments still carry the juice.

    I am getting swamped by spammy comments and hope this will deter, for genuine commenters it doesn’t really change as after 3 days the nofollow comes off. Although I am considering getting rid of the dofollow as there is no real benefit and means I have to waste time deleting spam.

  7. I’d put it even shorter :p

    Nofollow doesn’t stop automated scripts from spamming any detected blog. Since your comments are moderated and not shown (hopefully), the 3 day nofollow won’t help much. Unless you mean comments made on posts by the real people, of course.

  8. I mean comments made by real people who are probably seo’s slipping in their clients sites. I am becoming more careful who I link to as a few bad neighbourhoods slipped in will have a real effect.

    I love that regular, trusted commenters get a do follow, and I want all the people who have commented here to get a do follow, not just because you commented here but because you produce quality stuff on your own blogs and I want my readers to go there after leaving here.

    I think I may look for a plugin that gives trusted commenters instant do follow, or those who have made more than 3 comments a dofollow.

    Ach, I just don’t want to spend too much time on this.

  9. PS – I no longer “advertise” that I am a DoFollow blog anymore. Have comments dropped off since I did that? Yes. A lot. But the ones that really have something to say are getting a little surprise from me.

  10. Someone needs to develop a WP plugin that lets you decide which comments to follow and which to not. The search engines probably wont like this either though 😐

    I have seen one person recoup their PR by removing whatever was the problem and submitting a re-inclusion request.

  11. David was that your attempt at sneaking in a link to a crappy directory? This is why no follow is needed.

  12. Well put. My site just dropped from PR4 to PR3. Do I care? No. As long as traffic keeps coming I don’t care what the toolbar looks like. It might as well not be there.

  13. I haven’t heard of any updates with the LinkLove plugin, thus I would recommend Lucia’s Linky Love

    It has a lot more control, and uses less CPU time

  14. I don’t think it is such a tragedy. Actually it is happening on every website out there, everyone is getting “ranked down” and it is completely logical to me. After all the whole web is expanding, links are being exchanged more widely, and higher pr is getting easier to achieve for sites that don’t really deserve it.
    Google just needed to make some change to its algorithm or its green pr bar would mean nothing.
    Just check some of the bigger authority sites and you will see that their pr has dropped too.
    I haven’t noticed a change in the traffic of my sites, nor a change in how I rank in the results. So I don’t see a reason to groan in desperation (yet). The way I see it, it is just another change affecting everyone and the only thought that worries me is what Sebastian said: “I bet that?s just testing the waters with tiny chunks. Many more massacres to come”. I have the same feeling that other bigger changes are coming…

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