Lets put things in perspective

I’ve had down time the last few days due to a tummy bug. Sounds a bit fluffy and cuddly doesn’t it, a “tummy bug”. When the reality is….. well, I’m not going to go into the reality.

But reading Marty Weintraub’s story puts it in perspective. I Was Diagnosed With Stage 3B Lymphoma The good thing is he has a great attitude and attends a great clinic.

However, Next week Internet Marketers of New York (IMNY) is sponsoring a charity event to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The bash is sponsored by Best of The Web and SMX Social Media attendees have specifically been invited. Since aimClear will be covering SMX Social Media, I?ve changed my flight reservations in order to attend. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, sponsors of Light the Night, was a critical informational resource and support structure for me and my family. Now it?s time to give back.

Marty set this up as a Meme, but I have never liked them. If you think this is important information to pass on, then copy the above text and drop in your blog or website. It doesn’t take much effort and you will feel good about it. Giving your conscience freedom to go and pillage Roman towns and villages. Wait, I’m getting mixed up with a book I’m reading about the fall of the Roman Empire. Scratch that, leave that kinda stuff to the Visigoths.

OK, if you drop these links in your blog you wont have to feel guilty the next time you walk past a homeless person asking for spare change.

Motivation enough?

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