How Are You Going To Get A Link If They Don't Know You Exist?

Link building

How will you build links if no one sees your content?

Seems obvious doesn’t it. And yet how many people claim that Stumble traffic or digg traffic is useless? As I have said before, there is no useless traffic, just useless content.

I write content for clients which gets seen by thousands of people, some have blogs and websites, some like linking to quality content. Want to build buzz, grab a bunch of links? It’s simple, create some killer content aimed at people who just love to link and get a social networking geek to submit it.

I’m looking at the analytics of one client and note I have encouraged about 28,000 people through his front door. Even though a small proportion are motivated to link, it’s extremely cost effective.

There would be no way he would get links normally as his site is a wide, thin, ecommerce catalogue site. Not much use to anyone unless you know exactly what you want to buy, at what price and have the credit card on the desk ready to be sucked dry.

People do not link to such sites, they link to interesting content.

If the content is compelling enough it will go viral and you be talking of traffic of 10k, 20k, 30k.

Of course you could always buy links, but as we all know, Google is on jihad at the moment with regards to paid links.

12 thoughts on “How Are You Going To Get A Link If They Don't Know You Exist?”

  1. … and IMO, that’s why any copywriter worth her/his salt should be getting her/his hiney out of print and onto the web. Online is where the ability to wordsmith = the Power Supreme.

    Excellent points, as I’ve come to expect over the month or so I’ve been reading your stuff.

  2. I’m still hoping to be able to create some content that ‘goes viral’. I’ve had some minor success on StumbleUpon but I don’t see very many incoming links to my stuff – a ‘good’ post gets just a handful, less than half a dozen. Still, I’ll keep on plugging 🙂

  3. Thanks Kat.

    @ Caroline, I agree, you have to keep plugging. Each time you learn a little more until you build up a wealth of knowledge of what works and what does not.

  4. Hmmm. Perhaps I should take on some side work as a copywriter? I do think that Kat is correct here. Thought I’m not as qualified at English as one might like, I know my way around the ins and outs of SEO. It is an open market at the moment. I know of a couple clients (at least) that are paying around $100US per article.

    Content is still king but linking just got a smidge more interesting…

  5. I agree. The combination of content, social media and links have made a big difference for me. My search engine traffic is continually increasing as a result (or at least partly due to this). Creating unique, interesting content isn’t easy, but it’s well worth your time.

  6. It’s simple yet complex for those that can’t take off their blinders to what the user they are targeting really want to read and value (looking beyond the sales pitch). But I guess that’s what keeps certain people in business.

  7. Just yesterday one of my posts got on front page, and as a result it has received some 6000 visitors and more than a dozen links so far. Not bad for reaching the front page of only one social media site. I wonder what would have happened if it went hot on SU and Digg too?

    Yeah.. I know my server would have gone down 😉

  8. I agree with you all the way. It seems that I am always talking to folks about stumble traffic specifically and I hear the sae thing over and over. It’s not targeted traffic, it’s only spikes of traffic, it doesn’t stick. I am here to tell you that some of what people say might be true, however, a lot of the traffic does stick. Every time I get the so called “spike” in traffic my stats double as an end result.

    Like the your headline says “how are you going to get links, traffic, etc if they don’t know you exist. ” Ok, so I added alittle. Keep up the good work!

  9. Content by itself will still leave your website without visitors, but really good content can be what makes your marketing efforts really work. Great content can help greatly increase the effectiveness of your other marketing methods.

    That’s a truth most of us could use more… 🙂

  10. Personally i think the content i write isn’t that bad, i had an article the other day get 53 diggs in less then 2 hours, which for a new blogger, i thought wasn’t too bad. of course, thats crap in comparison to large sites, but for the small guy, i thought that was pretty good going.

    Ill just keep creating quality content, and hope that it will go viral. Then again, i like Lyndoman’s linkbaiting services, so if i cant do it, i have every confidence that he will!!

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