Comments do not exist for you to drop a link

I offer a comment system on this blog to allow people to discuss the blog post and if needs be continue the discussion on their own blog, which is what trackback is about.

I don’t have a comment system for you to advertise your blog and will delete any unknown person dropping a link without a second thought.

People who leave genuine comments are rewarded with a dofollow link. Although I am thinking of getting rid of it as it’s way to risky and when comments are heavy I don’t want to have to keep checking if that link is going to a bad neighbourhood.

Comments are about conversation. Most people do not have a problem with this concept. It’s not like this is a directory.

It might be useful if I posted a “what’s acceptable” for comments, but I expected it not to get abused too much.

So if your comment does not make it through the gates you know why.

I advise everyone to be careful when letting people comment with dofollow links.

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  1. There’s a wordpress plugin called LinkJuicy which manages do-follow in a way that encourages real comments. It will only remove the no-follow after somebody has left 3 comments and there are some other options too. That might help you manage the abuse.

  2. I’ve been subscribed to your blog for a couple months, now, but haven’t really felt the need to comment here. But I could have just as easily written this post, myself. Your experience and opinions on this are nearly identical to my own.

    I have developed a short comment policy (really just a blog post I link to above the comment form) that states comments must contribute to the discussion. If comments are too short and aren’t a serious attempt at having a conversation, they are deleted even if they are not automated spam. I moderate all comments, use akismet and bad behavior, and I still have to spend time weeding out these idiots.

    For those who know what comments are really for, they are rewarded with no-follow links from a PR6 homepage blog.

  3. Hmmm.. sounds distinctly like a rant to me… It’s nice to have company.. bwaaa ha ha ha ha…..

    It’s kinda funny, watching the 2 dozen or so feeds in my reader the sites become like favorite TV shows. The great part is that I get to comment about them when it’s over (end of each post). That’s groooovvvy and my main motivation to post comments at all….

    …. I await the next episode :0)


  4. @ Caroline, thanks for linkjuicy reccomendation, will check it out.

    @Michael Martine, good to know I am not alone.

    The comment system to me is a vital part of the blogging system in that it connects the reader to the writer in a way that brings numerous benefits. I wont list them as better writers than me have written about it.

    @Gypsy, you think this is a rant? you should hear what I don’t put in the blog.
    But yeah, getting involved in the conversation is always good.

  5. I have mixed feelings on do follow. In one way it’s a bonus for commentors and it encourages participation in the conversation but then equally most people don’t care.

    I wouldn’t have known you had no no follow unless you’d said and it wouldn’t effect whether I comment or not!

  6. There is also a plugin that David Airey uses called the LinkLove plugin. I think he said that this allows you to set the number of comments someone needs to post before they have nofollow removed. However, it is pretty simple for someone to abuse this. One blog I frequest that has a top commentors plugin, one guy posted 28 comments in about an hour to get a link on this with spammy link text. He won’t be happy when that gets reset. Why anyone would allow such blatant spam through on their blog I don’t know.

    Your blog seems to be pretty clean in regards to dofollow spammers. My personal stand on blog comments is that people should only remove nofollow on legitimate comments that add to the discussion and don’t have spammy link text.

  7. I’ve got the same problem too. I’ve not quite got Akismet or Spam Karma configured exactly as i need it, and every time I post an article I get a “great post” pingback from some scum spammer.

    I too have Dofollow installed and moderate as best as I can, and I’ve seen rankings on specific pages plummet all because some scum pinged me (well it seems that way). Frustrating.

    At least the ranking seems to return when you dump the comment.

  8. It is refreshing to see a post like this. It seems on many blogs that the comment sections are 90% spam these days and the conversation is disappearing.

    For my latest blog I’ve decided to disable comments all-together for the moment. If a person has something to say then I’ll just interview them about the topic instead.

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