The Brilliance of Google

I think Google is brilliant in the same way Jason Calacanis is brilliant, the same way Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump are brilliant.

In the seo world where I live there are a lot of people who spend a lot of time wailing and gnashing their teeth because of the way Google runs it’s business, mostly because it impacts their own business. Sometimes seo bloggers go on a frenzy, like starved and ravenous dingos in an overstocked butchers shop. I understand the passion behind these blog posts as money is involved.

Take the recent Page Rank reaction, which I thought was a brilliant bit of work by Google and definitely makes them more attractive to their investors. They saw people using Page Rank to sell links, so they devalue Page Rank to screw the market. Brilliant stuff. Exactly what I would have done if I ran Google and yet some of my fellow seo chums do not think so.
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How Are You Going To Get A Link If They Don't Know You Exist?

Link building

How will you build links if no one sees your content?

Seems obvious doesn’t it. And yet how many people claim that Stumble traffic or digg traffic is useless? As I have said before, there is no useless traffic, just useless content.

I write content for clients which gets seen by thousands of people, some have blogs and websites, some like linking to quality content. Want to build buzz, grab a bunch of links? It’s simple, create some killer content aimed at people who just love to link and get a social networking geek to submit it. Continue reading “How Are You Going To Get A Link If They Don't Know You Exist?”

400 People might be a tight squeeze in my Cottage, but on Stumbleupon 400 fans are welcome

I just gained my 400th fan on Stumbleupon My growth rate on Stumble has been exponential the last couple of months. I think I had less that 100 fans 3 months ago. I changed the way I use Stumble and people seem to like it.

I don’t even call it a tactic, as the way I am using it is the way I would use it if it gathered no friends. Basically all I do is us it as a bookmarking tool and am very focussed on the topics I cover, which is online marketing.

Other benefits are that it’s a great way for me to inform people what I am into and what kind of material I wish to be associated with.

  • I only submit quality stuff
  • I don’t submit my own stuff
  • I am very generous, I even submit posts from people I don’t like
  • I have become very aware of what others submit

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SMX Search Marketing Expo hits London

I am heading to SMX London on Nov. 15th, 16th.

If you have any interest in the following you should consider going:

  • Social media
  • Social media marketing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social media optimisation
  • Buzz marketing
  • Linkbait
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Organic search results
  • Online Marketing
  • PPC
  • Adwords
  • Paid Search
  • Online marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Meeting and talking to search professionals

If you want to mix with the people who get eyeballs and wallets to websites you need to be there. Click here.

“The two-day conference and expo will expose marketers to actionable search marketing tips and techniques, as well as the winning strategies for orchestrating campaigns and measuring results.

The conference will feature sessions on organic and paid search. Sessions will be conducted by SEM experts and tailored to the needs of professionals in the market.”

If you are going and read this blog drop a comment and we can meet up for a chat.

It’s my first conference so I am uber excited.

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