The two secrets of social media sweetness

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I want to do a real quick post because it’s on my mind, I have no time and I want to see if I can.

I will tell you the two secrets soon, and I know you will think, “duh”. But that’s the point, success on social media is “duh” easy. You simply have to have two things and then it’s “duh” easy.

I am squeezing the hours in the day for as much juice as possible at the moment, but I still like to help people out. I realise that as I put my rates up it takes it out of the grasp of certain people and as long as people don’t take the piss it’s no problem helping them out.

But I sense a lot of people looking for a way to gain social media success without having to spend the time or the effort or the money. I hear a lot of people saying that there is a secret code or it’s really hard to break into. That getting stories on digg means you have to be part or some weird online cult where you have to burn all your favourite Star Trek Dvd’s. Not true.

It’s simply about two things

Attitude and time. I came to this conclusions whilst speeding through the Cornish countryside at 24 mph stuck behind a tractor.

If you have the right attitude and the time to participate, learn, ingest, analyse. You will have success.

Age, not a problem. Look at Glen Allsopp
Money, you don’t need it. Just pay for your internet connection.
Sex, you don’t have to be male. In fact I believe that women have the edge in social media because of their networking skills, check out Michelle MacPhearson
Intelligence, hey, if I can do it anyone can.

The thing is, it took me 6 months of hard graft to get to this point, I don’t see why anyone else can’t do it in 3 months.

As long as you have the right attitude and time everything else will come.

OK, speed post over, have to go and enjoy a balmy Saturday evening on a Cornish beach. It’s a hard life.

10 thoughts on “The two secrets of social media sweetness”

  1. As with a lot of things, one reason people are willing to pay for it is because they aren’t interested in the time factors or the commitment.

    But of course as you say, you can do it yourself, just like people do their own SEO.

    Great post Lyndon, speed demon 😉

  2. I think time and dedication are integral across all spheres: social media, blogging, making (ethical) money online. The biggest obstacle to doing all these things is that people simply don’t want to hear that it’s going to be hard work. Thanks for your honesty 🙂

  3. I agree completely about ‘attitude and time’.

    Personally I’m switch focus from Digg to StumbleUpon and maybe a couple of other promising new social media sites.

    You have to fight for it, but after you achieve a strong presence on 1 or 2 popular sites, getting a leg up on other social media properties is a breeze.

    As alway Lyndon, your blogs are always insightful and refreshing.

  4. As long as you focus on helping build the social media community around you, it is only a factor of time to achieve your online networking goals. That’s It!

  5. I agree 100%. Attitude and time play a major role. But you can kick-start the social media process during all your downtime, by also employing a blogging and natural search strategy. People will fall into the web of your social network, and actively seek you out and engage you, if your opinions are put into a search-friendly blogging format. One leads into the other, and the true efficiencies kick in when you’re doing both well.

  6. Social media is simple and hard. Simple in that there isn’t much to know about it, hard in that you have to keep it up.

    I set aside time five days a week to work on SEO, social media, and the like. It has been paying off for me as I keep at it.

    Fortunately, my network of SEO friends is like-minded: you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

  7. Great points. I get questions from people all the time why there posts aren’t getting tons of traffic from social media sites. It seems the perception is that you create just about anything and it’s easy traffic. Of course, since everyone knows the potential there is a lot of competition, and that means work.

  8. I think the main problem with most is that attitude part. They want it fast, easy and not being real. If the attitude is right, I really feel the time more than makes up for it because you know the people you meet are great individuals.

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