Stop stumbling in the dark and let the Power List turn the light on

SEO stumblers courtesy of Rose of PPC Think

So after being inspired by Rose, I thought I would mine my own friend list. From the worlds of SEO and social marketing I have included people who are active, a lot of big names have accounts but don’t Stumble. The point is, if you want to make friends and influence people; add friends and stumble.

If you are new to the space, don’t send a message saying add me please. Blog, stumble, sphinn, digg, get your name out their and noticed. Send people you want to add you a bit of traffic, stumble their stuff. Make yourself indespensible and sure enough you will be

I have not added a few people as I think they may want to be under the radar. If I missed you out add your page in the comments. I find Stumble a much better way to get the information I want rather than Digg or Netscape. Sphinn is too new to judge yet, but so far so good.

Matt you have been stumbling my stuff as long as I can remember, I can’t believe I missed you. Although it was late when I posted. OK you’re added.

And how could I miss out many a time I have been on the receiving end of her Stumbles

25 thoughts on “Stop stumbling in the dark and let the Power List turn the light on”

  1. Rose is great–so is her authority and knowledge over at Stumbleupon.

    You might want to re-check that list that she has, for some reason /contact/ got added on to the end of it.

  2. I have been maxed out on friends for quite some time (and so has Rose)

    If I see someone Stumbling a lot of my stuff then I tend to kick someone inactive off the list and add the active Stumbler.

    One good thing about this list, Bill has finally reciprocated 😉 I don’t have to kick him off (not that I ever would have)

    I now need to give him a review 😉

    I have most of those, though I would like to add a couple of very influential Stumblers

    There are plenty more on my profile

    I would have added Rob, but he has been slacking

  3. I know what you mean Andy. I have got very serious about my Stumbling recently as it’s become my favourite bookmarking site and I use it to store a lot of information for later.

    What I have found is that if you are plugged into the right people you get to see their streams of consciousness Stumble wise, and it becomes a great way to find stuff.

    Also, I have booted out a lot of deadwood, I have quite a bit of room for new peeps. It’s strange how long it’s taken me to work it like this. I think Ebay got a bargain, not that they seem to know what to do with it.

  4. Cut my buddy Bill some slack – he’s a Newbie to this socializing stuff, but definitely one of the most brilliant thinkers around. Check out his bios wherever you find them – and they’re all over. He founded, is the Admin at and knows more about AdSense than anyone I’ve ever come across.

    He has some sites so famous you may already have seen them. Check this one out:

    Whenever I see that spam protection I wonder if there are any visitors who can’t add.

  5. Just like Andy, I recently cleaned house to make room for SU friends, so if I missed you and you’re reading this just drop me a note there and I’ll get you on my list.

    Lyndon does love to keep throwing me into the deep end. I sent him that short list of power bloggers that were SEO savvy (except one who ended up in there that is not an SEO – but he is a great blogger) so he could be sure he had them all.

    You can expect lots of surprises when you make friends with the Linkbait Cowboy. Yee-haw.

  6. Its interesting to see which of those who discuss social media seem to be quite on stumbleupon like most I have been maxed out for some time, so have been going through and swapping out people ‘I fanned’ who haven’t been on for more then a couple of months.

    Another to add to the list is

  7. I’ll be doing a lot of stumbling, sphinning and a little bit of digging, although my digg account which had my main user name matt608 was banned, so I have to use one that goes as ‘bloggingfingers’.

    In fact I’m aiming for the top 50 stumble list.

  8. Thanks for the mention, Andy. I know that I blow away a bunch of people on the list. Sniff*Sniff Lyndoman neglected to include me…


    Anyway, I am stumbling like crazy at the moment so I must get going.

  9. Lyndoman, what a great list! I’ve been pruning the tree at Stumble, not quite as puposefully as my pinpoint surgical procedures over at Digg. But the quality of my stumbles have increase greatly.

  10. Sujan, I think the fact that you do not have an Avatar and that you are X rated makes it difficult. I keep me account set to ban X rated stuff. Who needs the distraction 😉

    I havn’t reset my account so I can’t see your stumbles.

  11. Marty, the SEO world or the tiny seo world I inhabit seems to have gone a little Stumble crazy these past weeks and there are a number of great articles to hit the feeds. Yours included.

    Hmmm, I think a round up post of Stumble articles is needed.

  12. You know what someone smart is going to do?

    Create a SU extension that lets you see which of your friends stumbled a post you are visiting.
    It will help give you an idea whilst on the page as to whether you want to keep them as friends

  13. Thanks for the add, Lyndoman. Actually, I have been stumbling everyone like crazy of late, adding many new pages which just so happened to be articles I find from some of my favorite SEO people and linkbaiters.

    SU is too much fun. Okay, back to stumbling!

  14. Hrumph! Missed the cut…

    Oh well, if nothing else it’s a great list of new folks to add to my list.

    I have to say that I went through a similar phase with SU. I’m now back to loving it with a vengeance and am referring to it more and more for not only inspiration but also information. To the point where I’m thinking of canning most of my RSS feeds and using SU as my prime info source.

  15. On topic……………..
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