How to make a blogger notice you

So you want to make a bit of a splash in your space and want one of the authority blogs within your space to notice you. You may want this for a number of reasons.

  • A joint venture
  • Requesting a link
  • Advice
  • Request for mentoring
  • Asking for a review

The problem with the authority blogger is that they are very busy. It’s one of the things that signifies a successful blogger. If they are not busy then what are they doing? As they are busy it makes it difficult for them to notice you. It’s nothing personal, they just don’t have the time fo chit chat.

So what do you do?

Easy, send them some traffic. And when I say some traffic, we are talking about over a thousand. It’s actually not that hard to do. Find a piece of worthy content on their site, and go to work on it.

  • Stumbleupon
  • digg
  • Reddit
  • Proppeller
  • Sphinn (if it’s online marketing)
  • Link to it from your blog
  • Blog about it
  • Tell your friends to vote for your submits

in other words, send them a shed load of traffic. So much traffic that when you approach them they will welcome you with hugs and a hot pot of mint tea.

28 thoughts on “How to make a blogger notice you”

  1. Traffic of that volume is generally a joint effort, though. Other people will need to vote up the content for it to generate thousands of views and by that time, the original submitter is generally lost in the hubbub.

    I’ve found the best way to get noticed by other bloggers is to talk about them. Better yet, create a post headline which unmistakably addresses their ideas. A lot of times the blogger’s natural curiosity will lead them to follow the trackback and see what is being said.

    But certainly sending them a load of traffic is another good strategy, though sometimes the above is a bit easier.

  2. It’s definately a joint effort. I guess that’s why it’s called “social media” and not just “media” 😉

    Talking to a blogger is great, if you can get noticed by them in the first place, which is the point I am making.

  3. Great post although I was definitely expecting to see a big CLICK HERE link at the bottom of the blog and was all excited to find out who you wanted to notice you 😉

  4. I just noticed the change to your categories, and that you have some (I knew they’d be around here somewhere).

    Punk SEO huh? I bet there are some articles in there to make my day.

    *cue tumbleweeds*

  5. Do people really fall for these tricks? Send me traffic and I’ll give you love schemes.
    PS: Wake up people! Let the ‘authority’ bloggers work for their traffic.

  6. There seems to be a guy named MVandemar who is doing a pretty good job at getting many top bloggers to notice him…you might want to ask him to reveal his secrets:.)

  7. Excellent post. I wrote about how a smaller webmaster could do this over at Facebook. When I make that post public on my blog I’ll link to this.

    @Bill, I’d agree with over one thousand, but I’d say uniques rather than page views, only because of the way most people’s stats are set up. I get stumbled or submitted to social media sites now and then. I may get 100 visitors a pop from a single site. I notice that in passing.

    But getting over 500 – 1000 visitors is hard to ignore in your stats whether your check weekly, daily or monthly. Even when you’re used to getting that much traffic hourly, having it all from one source is likely to make you curious as to who started the stampede.

  8. I think its a nice idea, but It will take some time and effort until you may reach the goal.

    In your experience, how long it takes to achieve this goal?

  9. Thing is.. not everyone will bite. I have personally sent some bloggers thousands of visitors with high quality authority links + stumbles and what do I get in return? Not even one crummy mention on their site.

    Some people are just insular in that way. The trick is to pick the generous ones that care about their brand.

  10. Great post Bill! I have used this in yrs past and never thought twice to share it as a technique 🙂

    Great info though, and it does go to show that you need a group of like minded friends in the Social arena that are willing to digg / sphinn / bump / vote / whatever for your articles… One more bit of advice though – Use this technique in moderation – I get tired of 5 digg requests a day from the same person 😉

    not calling anyone out… just saying 😉


  11. @ Maki,

    It’s true not everyone will bite, but not everyone bites with every type of marketing. It’s always a numbers game, so I try to send traffic only to places and people whose message I believe in and will be helpful to my readers. Because then, even if it doesn’t benefit me directly, it benefits my readers directly, which also benefits me indirectly.

    or you could just send traffic to me again. 🙂 I’m *always* grateful.

  12. @ Bill I picked 1,000 rather than something like 876 because I like round numbers. Seriously though, an authority blogger is already going to have a nice load of traffic, if you are responsible for that they are going to site up and notice you.

    Getting traffic to an authority site is a lot easier than you think. They usually have great content for you to digg, stumble, sphinn and a high recognition factor in their space.

    This isn’t something that you just cut and paste into your own tactics, rather it’s an attitude. What I mean by that is the example I have given should be a natural extension to your overall networking philosohpy. Sending someone traffic is just a part of that.

    I read a lot of blogs and there is a pattern or a style of posting that is a step by step, 123 how to type post. They tell you how to do it, but they don’t tell you how to get to the state of mind that makes such a thing part of the fabric of your strategy.

    Hmmm, sorry if I’m getting a little too philosophical. I think this should perhaps be a post on its own.

    Basically what I am saying is it’s not about tricks and techniques, it’s about ATTITUDE. Once you have that everything follows.

  13. Good advise. Though it is not very easily done. If someone can work to get 1000’s of users to visit a blogger, they might as well gets those 1000’s to their own site. Lol…not sure.


  14. Of course it’s not easy. Since when has anything good been easy?

    Becoming a successful blogger is not easy, it’s hard. If you are expecting easy tips then this is the wrong place.

    If you think blogging is easy, stop right now and watch tv.

  15. Great tips, Lyndon – I never thought of it that way – in fact, I must be one of those who are doing things the really tough way – it’s nice to be noticed by the authority bloggers, but there are just as many other bloggers who have great content and I try to do my little part to help in any way I possibly can. I’ll probably be swamped but I like to learn how to swim 😉

  16. Excellent post although I was definitely expecting to see a big CLICK HERE link at the bottom of the blog and was all excited to find out who you wanted to notice you 😉

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