Blog Rush or just Blog Mush?

Blogrush Testing and Tracking (Updated – John Reese Quote) This is a must read, as is all of Andy Beard’s blog

So there is a lot of yack about Blog Rush. I personally have not had what I would describe as a blog rush. Hype of the next big thing. I come down on the hype side. You only have to take a quick trip around the blogs to see that the people raving about it seem to want you to sign up through their link. Hardly impartial. Then there are the negative posts, these have tried Blog Rush and have decided it’s not for them.

Too much expectation, perhaps. Maybe a slow burn would have been better? I don’t know. I have not analysed closely but am coming down on the negative side. I tried it and no thanks. Plus there is huge black hat action going on, some very, intelligent people are sitting down to work out how to exploit it.

Anyway, it’s your choice. Whatever works for you I guess, but I have gathered a few links re Blog Rush. I have tried to pick the best ones. But there is quite a lot of chat out there.

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And some bright spark is giving away an Iphone if you join.
Join Blog Rush, for free! Get an iPhone, for free!

11 thoughts on “Blog Rush or just Blog Mush?”

  1. Bright spark? me? I’d like to point out that our post was written before the backlash hit! it’s always nice to be proved right although I feel sorry for the blogrush guys!

    problogger wrote a great piece on how while it’s got a few flaws at the moment it almost certainly has something positive to offer and by providing helpful feedback and by not immediately dismissing it you can still gain something from it. Go read the piece here:

  2. I like Yaro’s comments on it, which basically summarized that yes, it should send you traffic but don’t expect miracles. People like you who know how to generate traffic have a much different expectation in the word “Rush” than your readers probably do. I try to keep in mind that the majority of my reading population has under 100 visitors a day. So for them it may be defined as a rush. For me, it’s probably more like a “bump”.

    I also liked Andy’s comment at his site about how it’s also a discovery tool, though I haven’t read his latest update.

    Thanks for including my site in the link. 🙂

    And @Andy – is there a reason why we’re not Sphinning it? I love to Sphinn!

  3. Sphinn is quite a Blogrush unfriendly zone, and any positive post just stirs up more linkbaiters who can’t even be bothered to link through to differing views.

    Jill just posted a discussion topic asking for an outright ban on Blogrush posts.

    If it happens, I might be tempted to delete my Sphinn account

  4. Blog rush is probably the hottest topic in our field at the moment and like all hot topics its controversial and highly opinionated. There is a also a lot of me to posts out there but stopping the conversation because people shout is a) not possible b) not possible (did I say that) if Sphinn bans blogrush topics will it stop the discussion no, will it stop sphinn from being one of the centres of information and discussion almost certainly.

    Sphinn like all social media sites can potentially suffer the same problems as digg that when a crowd is guided by a minority they can impact a change without first thinking through the consequences.

  5. I think Sphinn is run by intelligent people who understand how social media works and such things as a topic ban is not something I think will ever happen.

    I think Jill was being mischievious. Which I kinda admire.

  6. Bah Humbug …. More smoke than fire from where I am sitting. I have added this peice to my recent rant though…. thanks for the resources!!

    I am pretty sure I still get more traffic from poor ol MyBlogLog at this point, and that’s not saying much. We all know how that went down.

    ..anyways, cheers for the googies.

  7. I wish I would have seen this post before I went on my rant of “BlogHUSH“. Aaron Wall also posted a very good commentary on the SEO Book Blog.

    I don’t understand how many people fell for this one. It is obviously a repackaging of the old webring systems that we all know are useless.

    I’ll give credit where credit is due… The marketing job was excellent, even if the concept is terrible.

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