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For a while I have realised that your avatar is important. It is a physical display of your presence. It is how people know you and recognise you on social networks.

The main avatar I use is

Lyndon Antcliff

The thinking behind the design is; I wanted to use my face to present a human connection, but I wanted it to be partial. Implying there is a lot more to see, or is it that I’m hiding a huge boil?

I chose a hard red because most websites the avatar appears on are soft blues and greens, even most other avatars have very soft, washed out colours. This means I stand out. Which is my intention.

However, on Digg, none of the successful avatars have a human face on. I think this is a cultural thing reflective of the user base. I have now changed my digg avatar to Iggle Piggle from the Night Garden, a kids show in the UK.

Iggle Piggle

Recently I have been getting more front page success on Digg, however I have also changed my digging style. In the past I submitted stuff I thought cool, now I am more tactical and submitting only what I think the hordes like.

So, where are the avatar branding consultants? Does such a position exist? Is someone out there helping brand avatars in exchange for cold hard cash?

This post was inspired by an excellent post over at sitevisibilty.com, a bunch of people who offer seo in Brighton

You can see that the top avatars have visually striking images. Of course getting noticed isn’t the only factor, but if you do not get noticed. Well, you just don’t get noticed.

10 thoughts on “Avatar Branding Consultant”

  1. I think visual branding is an important part of any social media techniques its interesting that Diggers prefer to hide who they are but given the nature of the site this is not really a surprise. I had a quick look at the top 100 stumblers where the distribution of real pictures to true avatars seems to be higher but still only 13 out of the top 50 stumblers.

    however certainly on smaller forums a growing trend seems to be shifting away from Avatars to real photos so perhaps this will shift to social media scene to.

  2. I am trying to keep my SU account related only to the stuff I personally like, at least as far as submissions.
    I use a face on SU, but then I look on it slightly more as being a blog rather than a news or bookmarking service.

    Maybe I will try my avatar there to see what difference it makes.

  3. I use my real picture and name on SU and other sites; I think this sends the right message. For at least some people, the Avatar in combination with a created profile name provides a cover under which the poster expresses opinions that they would not normally be willing to do in public. I think it’s also worth mentioning that Avatar Branding Consultants “red” avatar is really a stylized photo, and very different than the blue one below.

  4. Coming from a Blackhat background, I have always used avatars over photos, even thou I always used my real name. It has only been about 9 or 10 months that I have started converting my avatars over to a photo

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