29 reasons you need to stop blogging right now

You need to stop blogging right now if you think:

1. Blogging is easy
2. All I need to do is scrape content
3. Your best way of getting backlinks is to trawl the dofollow lists
4. You don’t need to study blogging or learn much about the technique
5. Starting a blog in the “How to make money” niche is the way to go
6. Darren Rowse only made it because he was in the right place at the right time
7. You don’t have to spend time on crafting your headlines
8. Linking to other blogs means you will leak Google juice
9. You don’t need to know anything about your target area (there are exceptions to this, but only for those who know what they are doing)
10. Blogging is only about making money
11. Linkbait is simply about being controversial
12. You can use a blog to simply sell your products
13. I can blog without having to write long, informative posts like here and here
14. Slapping a ton of ads on your blog will bring instant riches and traffic
15. You only need to post once a month
16. You don’t need to spell check
17. Purple on red is cool for text
18. Animations are fun and it makes the blog come alive
19. You can easily rewrite articles from other blogs
20. Black Hat techniques are the way to go and will always work
21. Your first comment on someone elses blog can contain nothing but talk about your own blog and a link to it
22. You only have to write about what someone else has written and not have to bother with anything original
23. You don’t need to understand the difference between your and you’re or there, their and they’re
24. John Chow is cool
25. You can only make it if you have a ready made network of A list bloggers and conference buddies
26. You don’t need to bother with stats, feedburner and Google analytics is such drag, and installing them is such a waste of time
27. You never need to back up (which reminds me) and that no one will ever hack you
28. You think you can make your millions on blogspot or even use blogger.
29. You never have to reveal anything of you and your life and you can simply get away with filling your posts with keyword rich text

If you think any of these things are true, stop blogging right now, go and run in the sunshine, run on the beach, sit on the sofa and open a huge bag of Doritos and watch the movie you just downloaded on a torrent.

Do anything else, because if you blog, you are just wasting your time and blocking up the interwebs tubes like fatty cholesterol clogging the arteries.

32 thoughts on “29 reasons you need to stop blogging right now”

  1. Your absolutely right! They’re are way too many bloggers that think there rise to the top will be easy. Their is no excuse for careless mistakes in you’re posts… 🙂

    In case you couldn’t tell, #23 is a pet peeve of mine as well! Don’t even get me started on its and it’s!

  2. Pfft, stuff not blogging. I have fun blogging sometimes, don’t ask why. Just gives me the feeling that I actually have a “project” on the go. Meh.

  3. Blogging is such a waste of life. no one does or will ever care about anything you have to say. People who dont follow the rules above shouldnt blog. People who do are worse as they actualyl think people care

  4. Cool list man – Most bloggers really need to read this because they all are EXPECTING to make lots of money from blogging effortlessly.

    I don’t make money from blogging alone and I really don’t think you can make a lot from blogging unless you have given in 2-3 years which most people will give up by that time I bet.

    I also watched that “You will not make money online” video from 45n5.com – very funny – yet sad imagine newbies watching it 😆

  5. Great list *stumbles*

    I think a tenative addition would be:

    30: I can just blog about everything else is yabbering on about

    All the blogs I frequent have something that sets them apart from others. Sometimes its they have useful content and others its because the blogger is a bit of a character. In your case I think its a mix of expirice in the realm of social media, dashing good looks and southern charm.

  6. Great post! Definitely needs to be a #30 about BlogRush though. 😆 I like #24 too. 🙂

    I think I’m going to have to go commit a 2-7-22, but only because this is so good!

  7. #18 cracked me up. Great post with the one minor change 🙂

    20. Black Hat techniques are the way to go and will always work.

    20. Black Hat techniques never work and you shouldn’t even test them out.

  8. #10 was great. Just copy/paste free article, register for Adsense and other ads then place them all into your blog…and then you should get 1000usd/month..haha

  9. Great list, thanks… I agree with the previous comments, I needed to read this too after spending a ton of time reading, researching, and writing without stopping for a few weeks.

  10. Great post Lyndon. I put it on my list to recommend from my own blog. (That list is already astronomically long so no guarantees exactly when that will happen.)

    Brian Clark said: “Ummm? can you repost this every week? Just to make sure everyone sees it?”

    Let’s all spread it far and wide on Stumble, Digg, and anywhere else we frequent. I bump things up at SU all the time by unchecking the “don’t save date” box.

  11. The funny thing is, before I even started reading the list, I had a strange feeling there would be a mention of John Chow! This cracked me up and was spot on.

  12. All I’ve learnt about blogging in the last year is … there’s so darned much to it. By the time I’ve red other people’s blogs, researched/read more about what that’s made me think about, added a few blogs to my favourites, discovered/downloaded and installed a new plugin, it’s tme to pack up!

    I find there’s no time left for proper blogging by the book. I know so much my head is exploding and yet I’ve no time to follow the advice I’d give. No time to do it perfectly, as I know I should be.

    I’ve got a “blog and run” attitude. And it’s a shame!

    Great list…. I saw WAY too much of myself in there though.

    I need to change. I’ll put that on the list with giving up smoking, dieting and watching less TV!

  13. What I find extremely annoying is all the amateurs discussing a topic of interest, within their blog. Some subjects are better left to professionals or academics.

    For example, when I do a general search within Google for a topic that interests me, the search results are filled with many useless amateur blogs. I am looking for valuable information not regurgitated hogwash from amateur writers.

    These amateurs are wasting my time by filling up internet searches with useless information. It’s a shame really. Prior to the days of ‘blogging’, an internet search would take far less time to complete when seeking legitimate, reliable answers.

    It would be nice if there was a way to filter out the ‘blog: amateur opinion’ bullshit from internet searches.

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