Blogging is Dumb, Stupid and Successful

Most blogs are dumb, even the successful ones. The ones about blogging. This isn’t because the writers of those blogs are dumb, they are very intelligent. It’s the readers, the ones who want to scan not to read, not to study, not to ingest. The ones who want another quick fix trick, before they have a chance to implement even the quick fix trick they just learned.

It’s why things like Blog Rush have initial success, everyone is looking for that next quick fix. Like a bunch of cyber junkies. Only our drug of choice is knowledge. It’s no ones fault. We are plagued by the seemingly easy success of others and can’t understand why we can’t be as successful. When the reality is, there are no easy online successes, everyone seems to pay some kind of price for it.

But you read most blogs, particularly blogs about blogging. And they offer small lumps of candy floss like posts. Sweet, atrractive but with zero nutrition. I’m not expecting to read huge, analytical posts all the time that need a Masters to get through. But some posts are just not worth the bytes they take up. Continue reading “Blogging is Dumb, Stupid and Successful”

What ten months of blogging looks like

One minute you’re a failed blackhat, fat bloke with an addiction to Chile Doritos and Dr Pepper, the next you are a seo blog maniac, linkbaiting writing machine with an addiction to chile Doritos and Dr Pepper.

To be honest, I feel like I make it up as I go along. Thanks for spending the time to read and for all the comments. I have learned a huge amount about SEO and myself. This is sounding like a farewell speech, it’s not. It’s more about taking a breath and getting ready for the next phase.

This is really just a lazy sitemap.

29 reasons you need to stop blogging right now

You need to stop blogging right now if you think:

1. Blogging is easy
2. All I need to do is scrape content
3. Your best way of getting backlinks is to trawl the dofollow lists
4. You don’t need to study blogging or learn much about the technique
5. Starting a blog in the “How to make money” niche is the way to go
6. Darren Rowse only made it because he was in the right place at the right time
7. You don’t have to spend time on crafting your headlines
8. Linking to other blogs means you will leak Google juice
9. You don’t need to know anything about your target area (there are exceptions to this, but only for those who know what they are doing)
10. Blogging is only about making money Continue reading “29 reasons you need to stop blogging right now”

How to become a success in online networking part one

My previous post, How to make a blogger notice you had some really good comments that I learned from. And it sparked off a few thoughts.

Success is about attitude, not about technique.

Which is why reading a bunch of business books will not make you a great business man, but adopting the correct attitude might.

This applies to the world of online marketing and even blogging. It took me years to understand how to be a successful blogger. I thought it was all about the tricks and the shortcuts. I realised that blogging is about talking, about conversation. It’s about developing a way to speak in your own voice. Sure there are lots of technical things you need to learn like RSS, trackbacks, headline writing etc. But all those can be learned. If you have not developed the right attitude, the right posture. All the techniques in the world will not help. Continue reading “How to become a success in online networking part one”

Blog Rush or just Blog Mush?

Blogrush Testing and Tracking (Updated – John Reese Quote) This is a must read, as is all of Andy Beard’s blog

So there is a lot of yack about Blog Rush. I personally have not had what I would describe as a blog rush. Hype of the next big thing. I come down on the hype side. You only have to take a quick trip around the blogs to see that the people raving about it seem to want you to sign up through their link. Hardly impartial. Then there are the negative posts, these have tried Blog Rush and have decided it’s not for them.

Too much expectation, perhaps. Maybe a slow burn would have been better? I don’t know. I have not analysed closely but am coming down on the negative side. I tried it and no thanks. Plus there is huge black hat action going on, some very, intelligent people are sitting down to work out how to exploit it.

Anyway, it’s your choice. Whatever works for you I guess, but I have gathered a few links re Blog Rush. I have tried to pick the best ones. But there is quite a lot of chat out there.

Cheating Blog Rush
Blog Rush – Yes or No?
Sucessful Tips For Using Blog Rush Continue reading “Blog Rush or just Blog Mush?”