WordPress redesign frenzy at Problogger

Finally Darren Rowse updates his WordPress design. What do you think? The last one was getting raggedy at the edges and loose at the seams. The problem I had with the last design was the colour. Not a big fan of the low contrast, pastel.

But it served a purpose, hopefully Darren has optimized his blog too, last time I looked at it there were a number of things he could of done to improve the SEO. WordPress SEO can really juice things up a bit for your blog, things like robot.txt’ng the rss feeds, categories, archives etc. Actually, if you want the skinny on juicing up your WordPress blog check out Andy Beard’s blog for lots of great WordPress SEO info.

Back to the Aussie blogger. First, let me be clear. I have a lot of respect for Darren Rowse, he is an example of how hard work and persistence can pay off when carving something out online. Sure he was in the right place at the right time, some say he was lucky. Someone also said, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

He taught me a lot about blogging, most of it did not sink in, but eventually it did and here we are.

Hey this isn’t supposed to be an I love Darren Rowse fest, I was about to slag off the Problogger.net redesign.

Looking at it again, I really like it. I hated it at first, but I hate all redesigns. Change is always painful, you grow with some web designs, even when they are bad. Nostalgia and sentimentality has little place when trying to improve online. Destroy the old, burn it to the ground, then rebuild something shinier, and new.

Not sure about the logo. But then, look at mine. I keep meaning to get a decent design done myself, but I can never decide on anything. It’s not even about throwing money at it, I think the best designs are done by younger, hungrier designers. Rather than crusty, agency types who work in an office with a palm plant in the corner.

talking about wordpress designs, I quite like Dave Naylor?s redesign

I think change is always good, even if it’s bad. It forces you to question, to see things differently.

Congrats Darren of the new look. And may your critics be pricked with sharp, pointy things.

6 thoughts on “WordPress redesign frenzy at Problogger”

  1. I like your design, Lyndon (except maybe red immense titles are sometimes just jump at me from the ambush). Then again, as you’ve seen my site, you probably know why I like yours, too.

    Darren’s design seems more solid, though I’d probably emphasise popular posts more and tidy up the homepage.

  2. I think Ben did a great job with Darren’s redesign, and it’s immensely better than the prior look.

    We can all point out things we don’t like, but for me, the positives far outweigh any nit-picks.

    Dave Naylor’s redesign is one I actually don’t like, and can’t see myself coming to like, mainly because I’m not a fan of fluid layouts. Too much right-to-left reading, and from a design point, you can never be sure what your reader is viewing.

    Off-topic, did you once have the ‘subscribe to comments’ Plugin here? I think it’d be a great addition.

    I hope you’re well, Lyndon.

  3. Problogger’s Redesign, is ok/passable.

    Must say though the best redesign that I have seen, interms in terms of Product Articulation, in the first 5 seconds, is that of the canadian internet pimp, and self proclaimed dot com mogul John Chow Go check it.

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