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One thing I have realised whilst dabbling in the world of SEO consultancy, is that a lot of the business is geographical. I put this down to the fact that people who live in the real world and not online tend to like face to face transactions.

So what I would like to do, is link to a bunch of cool SEO profesionals with geographical anchor text, rather than the usual. As I know geo targeting is quite useful.

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If you run a reputable SEO company and don’t have things like “we will submit your site to search engines” and “get your 3 way reciprocal link here” on your website. Or be in any way be a sleaze ball…….

Then I will add you to the list with your geo targeted text, if your place has already gone, then pick another piece of the Planet. Antartica is up for grabs at the moment.

Sphinn this.

37 thoughts on “SEO & Search Engine Market the Planet one link at a time”

  1. I don’t understand. Do people actually search for these terms? I can see “new york carpenter” but not “new york seo”. I guess maybe I’m used to dealing with people over http?

  2. Sam, according to Aaron Walls keyword search tool, 644 searched for seo New York in one month.

    In my experience people search for pretty much everything and if you are an SEO and you are in New York, I would think it’s useful to rank for such a term.

    Laurent, sorry but I am only adding English speaking sites at the moment.

  3. I’m about 5km outside Boston, but as the word Boston only appears on my site once or twice it would probably make sense to make it Somerville SEO… although I wouldn’t mind Boston-Cambridge-Somerville SEO.

  4. Nice try Bob, lol.

    I am sure more people search for Boston than they do Somerville. But, if you want Somerville rather than Boston you probably have more chance to rank for it.

  5. The pain of the matter is that so few are searching for SEO related phrases! I am getting a few clients from being well ranked, but most from word of mouth.

    The time will come when more people know that SEO is a target worth aiming for.

    And personally I have found it so easy to get well ranked for SEO related phrases on Easier than for rental car related phrases that I am working on for a client. So few know how to SEO here in NZ, they can’t even do it properly for themselves.

  6. Bart, Utah has already gone, how about Ogden?

    The great thing about this is I get to see websites from other cool SEO’s around the World.

  7. I prefer to go for phrases that aim for topical verticals rather than regional verticals..

    How much does region account for search position within a topic?

  8. Really cool idea – nice one. I’d love a link for London SEO & Social Media Marketing.

    Is that greedy?!

    Any time you’re in town feel free to give us a shout if you’d like us to buy you a pint!

    (Wonder if that means that this is now a link sale?!)


  9. Nice 1! “SEO Scotland” please, I’ll even consider a six way non -recip back! 🙂

    Nice article about the “dark art” of social networking, too.

  10. Out of interest, do you actually get much conversions for people searching for SEO Cornwall?

    I have only ever had one conversion for ‘web design mytown’ in about a year 🙁 – A fairly good one though.

  11. Jeroen, sorry I’m only linking to English speaking blogs at this time as I like to know what I’m linking to.

    I’ve had a couple of conversions, I think you only need to spend 15 mins on it, if it’s a non competitive term a website with a bit of authority should rank well.

    And why not rank for something that people search for, it’s not like I’m saying it will bring an avalanche of traffic, but surely it’s worth a 15 minute investment to get one client.

  12. Hi, Lyndon

    How about “Russian SEO consultant”? 😉

    Though, truth be told, I am not sure if there are many other Russian SEOs good enough to work in the English speaking market for a relatively obvious reason and I don’t try to rank for any terms becides those relating to Internet marketing (how niche is that).

    Btw, Andy, geo terms account for about 30-35% of SE traffic, generally. I bet you know that, though. The beauty of geo SEO is that you can snatch related uncompetitive terms, if your rivals aren’t savvy enough.

  13. Hey, I would love to take “Dallas Search Engine Marketing” or “Dallas SEO”. Last time I checked, more people search for ‘marketing’ than SEO, so it might just be fruitless.

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