Send your Stumbleupon pages to your friends the easy way

I swear Stumbleupon has some of the worst explained functions, I’m surprised there is not more help out there. It took me a while before I actually knew the send a page to a friend thing actually existed, then much scratching of the head to figure out where it was.

If you stumble a page and want the people who have friended you to check it out. Click the “Send to” button, it will then display all the people you can send the page to. Next time they stumble they get to see your page and a short message from you.

Stumbleupon help

My tip is only send the requests to people who know will give it a chance, sending it out too much will lead to people revoking their friendship and you become a sad loser with no friends.

17 thoughts on “Send your Stumbleupon pages to your friends the easy way”

  1. Though I know about this feature since the 1st day I started using StumbleUpon, I’d love it if there was an option to send a page to many friends at the same time. Sometimes, you discover a page that you know for sure that more than 50 people in your friend’s list are going to like.

    I’m not sure if the option already exists because I’ve been unable to find such a feature @ SU.

  2. I personally found this post really really helpful!!!! I mange to do all my own seo, I hold top rankings for all my keywords and also do all my own website marketing,product distribution,look after two small kiddies and juggle another job.. So I dont have time to sit at my computer and read the rules – regs and how too’s on everything I come across. So any little tips, tricks and how tos that save me time and help me I am very gratful for !! So keep em coming Lyndon !!

    ps awesome blog …

  3. Yeah I found it only few days ago. One of my friend in StumbleUpon had sent me an article like that. Good feature to use. But we can save ourselves from spam by accepting requests of good stumblers and bloggers.

    P.S:And thanks for adding me in Stumbleupon. I’m the one under the username karthik26.

  4. They do have some silly features, but keep in mind their core functionality is really fun, in my opinion.

    After spending all day online, melting my corneas, stumbling is the only thing i will do on a pc during my free time.

  5. I really think that Stumbleupon has a bad, unintuitive interface. I wish I saw more referrals from, but I think more people use Stumbleupon.

  6. Huh, I didn’t know about this feature at all; thanks!!!!!

    Any fellow Stumblers out there, please add me………..bewareofbathory.

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