Raspberry smoothie round up of what's happening in social media

Working in the space of social media is never boring.

This week has been nuts. I’m getting so much content writing business (linkbaiting) that I am having to increase the price. I’ve only been down to the beach twice this year and it’s only 20mins away. So it’s going up from $500/ ?250 to $1,000/ ?500 from Sept 1st.

Been hitting the front page of digg more and more. It simply takes time to get to know the culture, the language, get yourself known as real member of the community. You do have to invest time to get to a worthwhile point.

If you want to know my methodology of how to take part in social media check out a previous post, how to be a master in the dark arts of social marketing

I have also been upping my game at Stumbleupon, I will add anyone as a friend if they submit quality stuff on the areas I am interested. I also stumble quality sites that link to me.

But what has really rocked my boat this week is an excellent podcast by Babyman, Zaibatsu and Muhammad Saleem. Add Tamar Weinberg in as a regular guest and you have a kick ass social media podcast.

It’s great to have the avatars which we see on digg revealed as actual human beings. Although on one episode they discuss the possibility of life being one big computer programme. So it makes you wonder.

Another Jedi Knight of social media (did I just write that?) is Michelle MacPherson. I’ve seen her knocking around the space for a while but she became a permanent fixture on my radar when she came out with the excellent Social Media Daily E-book

She has been using the e-book to capture emails and drip feed useful bits of information, which is an excellent idea. Today I was sent this video.

It raises some very interesting techniques. Especially when talking about mashing up data and using info that is already out there. I use a similar technique, taking articles from article sites I then submit them to social voting sites. It’s great when you are using asatellite website technique.

Of course, the content will not get much traction, but it’s enough to get your other kick ass content noticed. I wouldn’t recommend this technique for your flagship sites.

Nice post over at pronet, Social Media success beyond Digg
Muhammad Saleem has a new blog about social media
Loren Baker has an excellent analysis on how social media is impacting search

If you are interested in using social media to promote your website, contact me lyndon at cornwallseo.com

7 thoughts on “Raspberry smoothie round up of what's happening in social media”

  1. I have heard many people complain that Digg is a closed door, occupied by an Elite Clique of Diggers. You have proven that the system can be learned and used to your advantage. Persistence, indeed, does pay off.

  2. Michelle’s ebook and blog are some of the first links I send to friends that want to know about social media markeing. Time to add her to the blogroll too.

  3. I enjoyed watching Michelle’s video yesterday, nice to see her in person.

    I have listened to the social media podcast a few times, though it doesn’t always appeal. I suppose the important takeaway is learning about what top diggers feel is quality content.

  4. I’ll take a look at gather.com, it looks like there is some potential there… I found this page while on SU, my user name is matt608, feel free to add me as a friend and ill add you 🙂

  5. Hey, maybe it’s just me but this pad file story is tantamount to bombing the big g. innit?

    I would definitely not recommend building links using solely this method, as it would make your links look artificial – the anchor text would not be diverse enough to be classified as “organic’ growth, and that, combined with a growth spurt screams back link padding. A few months back this would have been the bomb, literally – it’s a very cunning, and clever plan.

    The syndication stuff is great, I am a huge fan of syndication, especially when it’s keyword rich, has traction, and remains fresh. So best you put some blogging in your new years stocking.

    Supoer cool vid, definitely gooing to be checking in for some social media pearls.

    Have a super day. Thanks again.

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