How to guarantee sales to the Fat Association of Utah

Your dream/nightmare has come true and you are a contestant on the Apprentice. You are given the task of selling hamburgers and dropped in Times square. After 30 fruitless minutes of getting trampled on by New Yorkers as they steamroller by tying to sell them 100% prime beef between two buns, you decide to take a breather.

A free newspaper blows by and you notice the Fat Food Association of Utah is in town having a sponsored fast. You read the article and notice that it is being held a few blocks over and is about to finish. You move your entrepreneurial backside over there as fast as possible.

Entering the hall as the sponsored starvation ends, a voice cries out, “Hey, that dude’s got burgers.” A mob of hungry customers forms around you waving dollar bills in your face. As you sell out you explain that $10 per burger is not that expensive for New York and these are prime beef.

Want to sell hamburgers? Sell to a starving crowd. This was first taught to me by the late great Gary Halbert. I bet there are some who read this that say, “but that’s cheating”. No, it is about targeting your audience.

Targeting should be a crucial part of any marketing and sales project. When optimising a clients website I explain it’s better to rank for ten keywords where there is no competition, than one keyword which can send the same amount of targeted traffic, but has a huge number of people also wanting to be on the first page of the search engine results.

But I find a little education is needed as I explain that ranking for “insurance” is not going to happen, but maybe ranking for “Cornwall insurance” could happen. Actually, I run into a lot of so called web designers as I network in Cornwall and a lot of them don’t have a clue about SEO, even though they sell it. Most of them seem satisfied to rank for their business name or domain name! May advice to rank for web design Truro, web designer Falmouth, web developer Cornwall. All towns and cities in Cornwall.

You need to reach the starving crowd and it is more effective if you are the only one offering a quality hamburger.

4 thoughts on “How to guarantee sales to the Fat Association of Utah”

  1. There is a web directory, which will remain nameless, that sells PAGE ONE RANKINGS on Google from ?125+VAT. What they don’t tell you is you will just rank on page one for your company name (if your lucky).

    For niche markets I find it is only really worth targetting if you are offering products fixed price. When you are selling a service such as web design, bespoke coffins or SEO we all know that 99% of people are just going to go for the cheapest option and then wondre why the end product is a pile of crap. My expirience is SEO for sites that sell fixed price products gives a much better ROI than price variable services.

  2. I know a good few local web designers who are happy to rank at number 1 in a search for their company name and domain name. Most don’t even check access statistics, never mind realise that they should be targeting keywords.

    Using more localised keyword phrases such as ‘cornwall seo’ or ‘web design middlesbrough’ and returning at position 1 for all permutations is like being a big fish in a small pond. I think it should be the first step in an SEO campaign since it’s fairly simple to achieve. Once that’s in place move on to the other, more general keywords.

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