Hardcore Stumbleupon action

Since the redesign of Stumbelupon I have been using it more and more these days as a place to find interesting stories, interesting people and to share interesting stories.

I have culled a lot of dead beat friends and added a bunch of new ones in my industry. Basically, if you submit stories about SEO, social media or linkbait, I will friend you. Until my 200 is used up, then I may have another cull.

My stumble account has become stuffed with juicy SEO and social media goodness. I find interesting stuff on Stumble which I don’t find on Sphinn or in my rss feeds. I like the randomness of it, it helps me step out of my bubble.

Jason Calacanis has this thing where he encourages links by promising to eat one marshmellow for every person who links to him, or was it that he may link back. Something like that.

I have a similar thing going where if you link to me I will stumble you, so long as your site isn’t spazzed out with inane mutterings. It’s the karma thing again. Online karma can have instant and wonderful effects. You do a solid for someone, you get a solid back.

Social Networking helps trust and connectivity between people in similar industries. Obviously the world of online marketing is a little more intense when it comes to networking as the believers know real power can come from effective networking.

On Stumbleupon I know who my real friends are and who are just pulling a fast one. When I use the term friends I use it in the “online” sense, not the “will you help me come and move house sense”.

At the moment Stumble upon is my fav social site, probably because it’s users are a bit older and it’s harder to game.

Drop by my account and check out my Stumbles.

9 thoughts on “Hardcore Stumbleupon action”

  1. What a tease… We want more… Please post more about how you find and choose quality SU friends and then how you use your SU friends and network to drive traffic, etc. I’m using it bit not using it to it’s full potential.

  2. Hawaii, it’s not that complicated, although I have been using it for over a year so it may be like saying “seo is not complicated” to a normal, non seo person.

    I’ve tried a number of techniques with varying success, the way I am using it now is more natural and focussed. I think it’s more attitude than tricks, it’s about letting people use you rather than you using people.


    I heard they were going to make a movie out of Kung Fu, what happend to that.

    Ok, back. I could probably write 2,000 words on the ins and outs of Stumbleupon and my personal experience. Hmmm, well if I don’t post it here I will pop it in my linkbait book.

    If you want in on the Linkbait ebook best sign up for my email newsletter as I am only selling 500 and that’s it. I will send out notification of how people can prepay over my newsletter first.

  3. 1100+ stumbles, you’re addicted 😉 I have been noticing some decent traffic from SU. Great reminder. I like your technique for getting links by offering to stumble. I may steel that idea 🙂

  4. I’ve been using SU pretty aggressively for the past couple of weeks. Prior to this I hadn’t seriously dabbled in Social Bookmarking (beyond Digg) and am really glad that I’ve started to expand my horizons a little bit.

    Stumble Upon has been bringing in a good amount of traffic! More than any of the other social sites without a doubt.

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