Raspberry smoothie round up of what's happening in social media

Working in the space of social media is never boring.

This week has been nuts. I’m getting so much content writing business (linkbaiting) that I am having to increase the price. I’ve only been down to the beach twice this year and it’s only 20mins away. So it’s going up from $500/ ?250 to $1,000/ ?500 from Sept 1st.

Been hitting the front page of digg more and more. It simply takes time to get to know the culture, the language, get yourself known as real member of the community. You do have to invest time to get to a worthwhile point. [Read more...]

Send your Stumbleupon pages to your friends the easy way

I swear Stumbleupon has some of the worst explained functions, I’m surprised there is not more help out there. It took me a while before I actually knew the send a page to a friend thing actually existed, then much scratching of the head to figure out where it was.

If you stumble a page and want the people who have friended you to check it out. Click the “Send to” button, it will then display all the people you can send the page to. Next time they stumble they get to see your page and a short message from you.

Stumbleupon help

My tip is only send the requests to people who know will give it a chance, sending it out too much will lead to people revoking their friendship and you become a sad loser with no friends.

Lets get rid of the ugly git

I’m getting tired looking at my ugly mug so I am going to try out a new avatar. It’s also pointed out to me that I look like I just came of the set of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Iggle Piggle

The new avatar is Iggle Piggle, from a BBC kids show called the Night Garden, which is really trippy in the LSD sense of the word.

Check the avatar out in action here..

Hardcore Stumbleupon action

Since the redesign of Stumbelupon I have been using it more and more these days as a place to find interesting stories, interesting people and to share interesting stories.

I have culled a lot of dead beat friends and added a bunch of new ones in my industry. Basically, if you submit stories about SEO, social media or linkbait, I will friend you. Until my 200 is used up, then I may have another cull.

My stumble account has become stuffed with juicy SEO and social media goodness. I find interesting stuff on Stumble which I don’t find on Sphinn or in my rss feeds. I like the randomness of it, it helps me step out of my bubble. [Read more...]

5 Characteristics of successful Linkbait

Maki over at Doshdosh has a make money online blog and he has outlined four characteristics of successful linkbait, which got me thinking and inspired me to add my own.

What are the characteristics of successful linkbait?

1. A killer headline

A headline is not 50% of the equation. It’s 100% of the first step in the equation, the second being the content that the user consumes. Not getting past the first step means the second step is wasted.
[Read more...]

19 reasons not to read my SEO blog

Lets be honest. There are a number of reasons you shouldn’t be reading this.

1. I can’t spell for shit.

2. I use a lot of English slang which people over in the colonies, who had a hissy fit at paying a few taxes so they threw their tea in the water and went from George Washington to George Bush, can’t understand me.

3. I’ve started swearing on my blog. I think it’s both amusing and clever. [Read more...]

SEO & Search Engine Market the Planet one link at a time

One thing I have realised whilst dabbling in the world of SEO consultancy, is that a lot of the business is geographical. I put this down to the fact that people who live in the real world and not online tend to like face to face transactions.

So what I would like to do, is link to a bunch of cool SEO profesionals with geographical anchor text, rather than the usual. As I know geo targeting is quite useful. [Read more...]

How to be a Master in the dark art of Social Marketing

An SEO pal and client of mine keeps getting banned from social sites as he tries to sell his wares. Dude, I tell him, “you have to get involved”. They are not called social sites without reason.

When a search engine optimiser gets success from doing anything that works (there is no such thing as ethics in seo, but that’s for another post) it’s hard for them to act in a completely different mindset when working on sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious. [Read more...]