How Marty Weintraub got me to click

Marty Weintraub needs to blog more. If only to jump start my brain in the morning. He has an excellent post at the moment called, Drive 28,402 Extra Visitors by Blogging for 48 Minutes. When I see a headline like that I think “yeah yeah yeah, nice linkbait.” And then I read it.

Lets deconstruct that last sentence, because something very interesting is going on. I see it a lot lately in blog posts about linkbait where they simply label linkbait as a trick. It is not a trick, it’s a promise. Continue reading “How Marty Weintraub got me to click”

Web Designers please learn SEO or stop selling SEO services

I am sick to death of clients coming to me with websites built by web designers who do not know the basics of SEO.

Some clients spend thousands of pounds and end up with a site that needs to be re coded, simply because title tags have not been included, or a H1 tag or an effective internal link structure.

Yet go onto the unmentioned Cornwall Web Designer website and “Effective SEO services” are offered. Continue reading “Web Designers please learn SEO or stop selling SEO services”

How much is quality content creation worth?

Quality Content Creation

A lot of ecommerce sites are thin and wide, by that I mean they have lots of products but no detail about them. Here is the product, here is the price, here?s a picture of it. You wanna buy?

If you desperately want that specific product at that specific time for that specific price then you will buy.

SEO can work wonders for the “desperate to buy crowd” You want something desperately, you tap into Google, go to the website, tap in the credit card and you have your purchasing fix. Continue reading “How much is quality content creation worth?”