How to Create Hot Content Linkfest

5 Steps To Search Engine Optimization
I can never get bored of reading basic seo posts when they are well written.

For me, it was content creation week and how it helps with SEO. This from Naked seo.

“Write good content and use your keywords appropriately in the text. In general, the more words you use the better, but it must be readable and logical.”

6 Steps To Creating A Perfect Landing Page

Striving for the perfect landing page is something every SEO worth her salt should be doing.

This from Phoenix Realm

“What you write on your landing page is what you want to convey to your visitors. Keep it succinct, and be honest: honesty shows through your message. Talk to your visitors as if you are welcoming them into your office or shop.”

How to Business Blog Without Being Unprofessional
It’s a tricky one, because what works with a blog is the relaxed, conversational style and this is an awkard fit into the business world. But it can be done.

This from the most Excellent Chris Garrett.

“Bottom line you need to answer the question; ?Could this have appeared on a competitors blog with no major changes??. If the answer is yes you have a bland post and you need to work on it some more.”

I?ve Come to Your Web Site To Do Nothing
Excellent post from Cre8pc regarding the kind of content you can have on your website.

Here is what Kim Krause Berg had to say, although as a Brit, I’m not sure about getting spunky!

“Be spunky. My family business web site project could do this even though they insist they don?t need anymore clients. They do, however, travel and apply their expertise wherever they go on the work projects that take them everywhere. Their stories are an education. If you?re rich and satisfied, teaching can be rewarding and still keep your brand out there.”

Copywriter Tip- What Makes You So Much Better, huh?
It’s a little short, but poses a very important question if you are in a crowded market place.

Katie Cummings states.
“In a crowded marketplace, you must dare to be different.”

How to Effectively Create Content for your Niche Blogs: An Introduction and Guide
From the amazingly prolific and spot on Dosh Dosh by Maki an excellent primer on creating content for your blog.

This from Maki
“Mixing up different content types will give you flexibility during the content creation process and allows you to prioritize effectively. For example, when you?re writing a linkbait article for a specific blog, use a simple video post for another blog to save time and energy.”

I would add to that, it’s important to mix it up so you can see what works and what does not. Constantly test and don’t get stuck in a rut with one type of format.

Organic links via content writing
Outstanding podcast from Robert Mineo regarding building quality content for organic links. Seems obvious doesn’t it, but why do people dump money into paid links when they could pay a content creator or linkbaiter to write brilliant copy which gets links naturally, and which carries on getting links long after the paid links have vapourised?

The Beginning SEO Podcast goes on to talk about,

“Instead of obsessing about links, think a little about adding fresh, quality content. It may take a little longer but it’s a wise investment.”

The podcast is definately worth a listen.

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