The Secret to writing mortgage paying linkbait

Spend a little time. Search for “how to write linkbait”, or “how to create linkbait” and you will soon get hit by a bunch of how to’s.

You could bypass all that and go check out my list of linkbait articles.

After a while a pattern emerges in the step by step guides to linkbait, and it seems there isn’t that much to learn. Continue reading “The Secret to writing mortgage paying linkbait”

Title Tags and the secret story of the hairy golf ball

It’s easy to to answer the question, “Do you know how I can get to the top of Google?”

I get this a lot lately, it’s what happens when you go to business networking meetings and announce you are an SEO. I tell them a simple way to increase their rankings is to optimise their title tags. And I just know their title tags are going to be crap because of the type of question asked. Continue reading “Title Tags and the secret story of the hairy golf ball”

She is Excited and gives her link freely

A potential linker to your website has power.

Linkbait, is all about the transfer of power.

She has the power to link to you, once you persuade her to link to you she has transfered that power to you.

She must surrender, to your pitch to induce her to link to you. Continue reading “She is Excited and gives her link freely”

How to Create Hot Content Linkfest

5 Steps To Search Engine Optimization
I can never get bored of reading basic seo posts when they are well written.

For me, it was content creation week and how it helps with SEO. This from Naked seo.

“Write good content and use your keywords appropriately in the text. In general, the more words you use the better, but it must be readable and logical.” Continue reading “How to Create Hot Content Linkfest”

Get 200 Killer Headlines

Not everyone needs a full-on, linkbait creation service. Some merely want help with their headlines. You can find more headline examples here.

Following on from recent posts regarding headlines, it strikes me people simply need help with their headline creation. As I scan my RSS reader I weep quietly into my pack of Doritos as I see poor performing headlines attached to great content. Continue reading “Get 200 Killer Headlines”