Screw Pink Links, I'm going commando

Roll up, roll up, come get your Google juice here.

The no follow tag has now been removed from the comments in this blog. This means when you make a comment, you get a little bit of Google juice right at you.

I have thermo nuclear spam protection if anyone tries to monkey around, and no putting Free credit cards and such like in the Name.

The reference to the pink links is for those who have the Search Status Firefox plugin, it shows no follow links as pink. If you don’t have it installed go get it, it does tons of other cool stuff as well.

Thanks goes out to the do follow evangelist Andy Beard, who will now hopefully let me into that select club that is the “Do Follow” in Bumpzee. Also to Robb Watts, who has a very cool SEO Blog at

It will be interesting to see if comments increase.

41 thoughts on “Screw Pink Links, I'm going commando”

  1. I really must get round to removing the no follow tag from my site…Maybe after I’ve finished this bottle of wine, though….hic!

  2. Mike I was a procrastinator too, actually it was mainly because I thought the process too tricky, but it’s easier than opening a can of Diet Cherry Coke.

  3. Good to see another join the DoFollow club. As a recent joiner to said club, I can say that it has its positives and negatives in my opinion.

    Negative is getting random people commenting just so they get some more link backs.
    Positive is getting random people commenting just so they get some more link backs.

  4. Way to go Mr. Lyndoman! I have always been “natural” without nofollows, but maybe I should join and gospel the dofollow movement.

    Michael: Is there a different flavors of Google juice?

  5. Derek, the way I see it. If certain people simply mooch around the dofollow crowd leaving worthless comments, they will soon get a bad rep and have their comments deleted.

    To become a great blogger you need to develop your brand, by leaving worthless, obviously spammy comments on random blogs you will damage your brand.

    People are watching!

    For those interested I have installed this allows me to to put a timer on when the dofollow kicks in. Although as yet I have not turned it on.

  6. You’re far and away in front of my site on this, haven’t even opened up comments to general readers yet. Well, that and some spam protection will be done soon.

    I’m sure your comments count will go up. Been following the articles for a bit and want to say thanks for writing.

  7. Something I considered but not going to do just yet, if people really want to comment they will comment, i do it for the social side not the link love

  8. Can we use keyword text in our name? LOL…

    Seriously though, thanks for stopping by the nofollow post on our blog. It reminded me to subscribe the ConrwallSEO, which I should have done a long time ago.

    Did anyone ever tell you that you really have a way with blog post titles?
    Screw Pink Links, I?m going commando
    This Blog is built on the sun bleached bones of Linkbait
    What has Andy Hagans and General Baron Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord got to do with each other?


  9. Everett, flattery will get you your anchor text 😉

    “Did anyone ever tell you that you really have a way with blog post titles?”
    Cheers mate.

  10. As was stated before there are positives and negatives to being a dofollower. So far I am but my blog is pretty new and doesn’t get many comments – unless you count bot-comments ; )

  11. I waited a week and you didn’t actually join!

    So I added the blog manually so others can read it

    To be listed as a member from your profile I think you have to join the community yourself, and then add the blog to the community.

  12. Thanks Andy, I was under the impression I joined. Am I the only one who finds Bumpzee a little too “busy” and difficult to navigate.

  13. I am sure people have problems as so many communities have more members than blogs.

    The chat system is better but still complicated. You can actually discuss the same post making comments within different communities, and gradually become a top active member in all of them (which is a useful backlink for any of the top 10 communties, and that is like a community wide PR5 link)

  14. Well I went and did it. I’m going commando too!

    Thanks to Lyndon and Andy for extolling the virtues of DoFollow. It feels so liberating 😀

  15. It’s like a Nofollow revolution of some sort. Google stopped us way too long.
    I must admit i had problems configuring the dofollow pluggin but now it’s ok.

  16. Viva la revolucion.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how Google works around this if the movement gets too big. I’m sure they’re already looking for ways to penalize paid links. How long before they start penalizing blogs with NOFOLLOW removed?

    Also, does any one know if the other search engines respect the NOFOLOOW attribute? I’ve never heard anyone mention it.

  17. Sweet choice – never understood how everyone let big “G” trick them into doing their work for them – OH NO! I’M LOSING ALL MY LINK JUICE! I’M MELLLLTIIINNNNGGG…..

  18. I can’t believe they added it to begin with.
    Why can’t they just make something to avoid the spam comments, rather than adding this nofollow?

  19. DOFOLLOW rocks! Any research done whether the nofollow attribute had any impact on the amount of spammy comments? BTW, your spam protection is brilliant! Works for the people bad in math too.

  20. Michael asks “It?s going to be interesting to see how Google works around this if the movement gets too big. I?m sure they?re already looking for ways to penalize paid links. How long before they start penalizing blogs with NOFOLLOW removed?”

    I tried to post most of this on a nother blog the other day but the php – or whatever – wouldn’t let me, so I’ll try to do it here (because size is indeed an issue);
    The question of moderation arises. Look how many posts have been made on this page alone. How much of any blogger’s life are they prepared to surrender to moderating? If you get into blogging because you like writing, but then you don’t get to hardly do any because you have to spend so much of your time moderating comments, do you want to carry on as a blogger? I can sing a little, people have often asked me why I don’t sing professionally, imagining me up on the stage having applause and so forth, a great time. That wouldn’t be my life though, my life would be sitting in cars and trains and planes and dressing rooms. Ugh! Similarly, a blogger’s life is largely going to be moderating instead of writing. What writer wants that?
    If I can bang on here a bit, the whole blog concept is dependent upon not too many people commenting. If you write a blog post, ten people comment, you do a few minutes moderation, that’s ok. Ten thousand people comment, routinely, as more of the world comes online, well how is that supposed to work? Blogs will be like a work of art, you create a post now and again and then walk away. Moderation will be impossible because of the volume of comments. Blogs will cease to be interactive between OP and commenters and will become battlegrounds for the commenters.
    The whole blogging movement as it already is is utterly dependent upon not too many people actually participating.


  21. And, on the same topic, where does a blog leave off and a forum begin? I don’t here of anyone doing this but maybe we need to be rethinking the whole concept of online discussion.


  22. Dofollow is the way to go! But how much has it increased your work to check for the spam and advertising messages? Or do the automated commenting scripts check whether it’s nofollow or not?

  23. What’s a pink link? I’ll probably get around to installing a dofollow plugin on my blog sometime later today, seems like a good thing to have around 🙂

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