Linking Linkbait and the Linked Linkers who Link to it

For linkbait to be successful it needs to be linked to. Obvious really, but it’s easy to get blinded by the traffic. 30,000 visitors may do your ego some good ( it definately boosts mine ) but it’s not the point of the exercise.

So what about after you get those links, can more be done? Most definately.

It’s a technique I heard about from Search Engine Journal and recently Dave Naylor spoke about it. It’s simple really, someone links to your link bait, you link to them through third parties.

Increasing the traffic and page rank of those that link to you will have a knock on effect of improving your own. If you are linked to regularly from the same site it will make sense to send them as much traffic as possible.

I use Stumbleupon, Netscape, Digg, Shoutwire and a few others to do this. People link to me and I send them traffic and links from anyplace I can get my hands on. I only do it when there is content on the page and the site is related to the search engine optimisation industry in some way.

The sites linking to me are in the SEO Industry, they reflect the same context as this blog and create a mini network. It is in my interests to develop and nuture the network. The motivation is not altruism, although it could be read like that, the motivation is purely selfish. But there is no doubting the satisfaction of helping people out who are willing to link to your work.

Feeding the network you are in will feed your own site. It costs only time and I have found it quite effective, looking at my stats I would say 10% of my traffic comes from this method.

Next time someone links to your post, give them a Stumble, Digg, Reddit or any of the other social media sites. Go vote for them on Bumpzee and Spiceypage. It’s a shame to let the fruits of your linkbait go unrewarded.

15 thoughts on “Linking Linkbait and the Linked Linkers who Link to it”

  1. Such a great piece of advice, far from anything else its just plain good manners to reciprocate in some way.

    I actually try to incorporate those who link to me back via the blog, in a more direct way, it may not provide and indeed may hinder the links authority in the eyes of Google, but shows you have noticed, stumbleupon is another great tool, simply because it has a gratifying effect, I know by hitting the thumbs up I’m guaranteeing them some traffic and if their content is good enough or their luck is in lots of traffic!

  2. Hmm something I actually havnt thought of recently yet great advice. Its funny how someone tells you something and you realise youve already been doing it without noticing.

    P.S Lyndon you need to get your fellow Brit, Glen sorted out because my information isnt saving for comments 😉

  3. Darn. I thought that you liked me. Yes, I agree — helping others will help yourself, therefore it is imperative to work toward riding the tide that lifts all boats.

  4. I never understand it when newish SEO bloggers moan about the inner circle of the A List SEO blogger and that all they do is link to their friends, which simply is not true.

    Create your own network and work hard to help everyone in your network. When someone links to a post you have written or comments on your blog, they become part of your network. The idea is to take your network with you, to help them help you. There is no reason why everyone can’t be a winner.

    If you are mercenary about it and only mooch off people you think can do something for you then they will smell the pungent aroma a mile off. But if you are genuinely interested in what everyone has to offer then it’s not that difficult to build a network of trusted and useful contacts.

    Dammit, I have to stop blogging and get a bunch of client proposals written.

  5. I surfed into this site from stumbleupon. Good SEO advice…and I was amused by the giant H1 tag on this article with all the LINKED, LINKBAIT etc mentioned…think Google will index this sucker well?

    I think so!

    Nice article.

  6. What? An SEO blog post dishing out advice I can actually use? I got so used to reading about Wikipedia, nofollow, paid links and Yahoo/MSN mergers I was starting to think SEO bloggers don’t talk tactics anymore =D

  7. Halfdeck, totally know what you mean. Which is why you will never see me blogging about Ask buying Google or Richard Branson buys Microsoft.

    I also don’t do the seo gossip, I leave that kind of stuff to others.

    There are quite a few meaty SEO blogs out there, but there is so much noise in the space it’s hard to hear them sometime. Andy Beard, Rob Watts at Brandon Hopkins and many more, don’t get mad if I havn’t mentioned you. I intend to do a post on the best blogs I read so will rave about you then.

    Actually, what I find is less and less of the so called A list give as much juice as they used to, this is totally understandable as they don’t need to plus they have a ton of projects on the boil.

    Which leaves us small fry bloggers

  8. Great Advice here. You describe the process very well and make it easy to understand. Creating the mini network is a really smart idea, and it helps everyone’s seo efforts.

  9. I am really slacking on my reading, Stumbled and Dugg though definitely late.

    Also slacking heavily on my posting schedule.

    I admit I get involved on Wikipedia discussions, and I suppose I have discussed paid links and nofollow a lot, but then that is something that is highly specific to my future online plans, and I would like a little more clarity.

  10. I think succesful bloggers perform this technique without thinking. Darren Rowse is an example which comes to mind.

    Andy, no one can accuse you of not building an effective network.

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