"If you're using Digg to turn a buck, you're pathetic"

I know I shouldn’t, but there have been many times in my life when I knew I shouldn’t. But you gotta check this guy out. Now to be honest, I think it’s a wind up, you know like lonelygirl was a wind up. It’s like the Borat of the SEO world. I’m hoping he’s not being serious. I have to watch this everyday to have a laugh.

I wonder if he’s a triple cappucino kinda guy?

12 thoughts on “"If you're using Digg to turn a buck, you're pathetic"”

  1. He probably sucks at it like me and doesn’t want anyone else to be to be making cash off it.

  2. Ha! Lyndon you just couldn’t resist now could you!

    I chuckled at this too – linkbait with a lesson in ‘don’t go on video without a pre approve subtext’ thrown in for good measure.

    Which part of marketing is about using prevailing market conditions doesn’t he get? Or perhaps this is just some huge exercise in Irony.

  3. Well the whole premise of his arguement is wrong. “Digg was not made for SEO’s to abuse so SEO’s should not abuse it?”

    It’s irrelevant what Digg was made for.

    A marketer uses the tools that are available. Directories come along, we use that, Web Rings come along we use that, email comes along etc.

    So when Social Media puts it’s hippy dippy head above the parapet expecting everyone is going to use it as it intends, it’s going to get its’ head blown off.

    Lets call it what it is. It’s business, and like Robs says, if the prevailing market conditions mean that to achieve our goal we have to do specific things. Then we do it.

    It’s not complicated.

  4. Tom, if you go to Digg you can find out.

    But really what it is is another blog post and not every blog post is worth Digging.

    As to Linkbait, I hope everything I write will get linked to. But this post is not crafted in a way to illicit tons of links, just a bit of fun really.

    Tom I would love to know your interpretation of what linkbait actually is as I don’t think we apply the same meaning. Look forward to your thoughts on the matter.

  5. I see why I have never heard of this guy before… haha!

    I am sure that Kevin would have a different view on Digg being “around” in two years.

    Great video…

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